About the Library
    Library Hours
    7:50am - 3:35pm
    School Hours
    8:20am - 3:20pm

    Check-out Policy & Resources Available:
    Up to 4 books for 2 weeks.
    Current issue available for reading in the library only.
    Back issues available for checkout overnight.
    For use in the library only.


    Access many databases, even from home.
    Middle School ID's:
    ID's must be worn while on campus, all day, every day. The barcode on the ID is needed to purchase school lunches and to check out books in the library, as well as to properly identify people on our campus.

    1st ID and Lanyard issued at beginning of schoolFREE
    Winter SpecialDuring the last week before we leave for the Winter Break, we will have a "Two-for-2" ID Sale. You may purchase 2 ID's for $2.00. These ID's will be printed at the time of need in the Library.