•  The Lester Davis School (DAEP) General Information
    2023 - 2024


    Davis School is the disciplinary alternative school of the Denton Independent School District.  This highly structured school provides behavior management and social skills training in a low choice environment, while teaching the core academic curriculum.


    Breakfast and Lunch:
          ~Students will receive breakfast and lunch at Davis School.
          ~Students will not be able to bring their own breakfast or lunch to Davis
          ~Breakfast and lunch, $24.50 per week full price, for reduced meals, $ 3.50 per week
          ~All assisted lunch enrollment transfers from your home campus.

         ~ All medications must be given to the school nurse by the parent (do not send ANY medications with the student).
         ~The school nurse will administer prescription drugs.
         ~No over-the counter medications will be given without MD’s orders.

       ~All students will follow the Davis Dress Code.  
       ~Each student will walk through a metal detector and have a clothing and grooming inspection each day.
       ~All students will follow the Davis Dress Code.  
       ~Students may not bring cell phones, computers, or any data device to Davis School
       ~Students will ride the Davis School bus to school each day (with the exception of the morning of orientation).  
                      ~Parents will choose bus stops at orientation. 
                      ~A list of bus stops is also on the Davis webpage.
       ~Student cooperation is expected, no one may disrupt the teaching learning environment.
       ~Attendance at 90% or above is mandatory. Truancy brings a court referral
       ~Students may be assessed for substance abuse (if suspected), participate in character building and counseling classes

     Student Orientation/Parent Involvement, please arrive by 8:10 AM  
          ~Students accompanied by parent or guardian may enroll at Davis School on Tuesday or Thursday mornings.
          ~Davis is located at 1125 Davis Street, Denton, Texas 76209
          ~No one may be enrolled without attending orientation.
          ~Orientation will begin PROMPTLY at 8:20.  NO ONE WILL BE ADMITTED ONCE THE SESSION BEGINS.
          ~For orientation:
                 ~ Student should bring an ID from their home campus (used to purchase meals).
                 ~ Student should be in Davis School dress code (click on the Dress Code tab for details)
                            ~Students may not be allowed to stay on the 1st day if they are not in dress code.
                 ~ Student should be prepared to ride our bus to a Davis School bus stop home that day 
                            ~Davis will provide more details during orientation.
                 ~ Parents should be prepared to give medications to the nurse (if needed). 
                 ~ Students should bring enough money for breakfast and lunch for the week.