• Davis School
    1125 Davis Street
    Denton, TX 76209


    Dear Davis School Parent/Guardian,

    This letter informs you that the Davis School has adopted an Emergency Operations Plan and has procedures in place to address student and staff safety issues that may arise during the school year.  The Davis Emergency Operations Plan is a proactive measure, designed to prepare students, staff, and faculty for the most common emergencies a school may face, and we enact this plan in the event of a local disaster or school emergency.  Each school in our district has a safety and security audit every three years in cooperation with the Denton Police Department, Denton Department, and Central Administration officials.

    Drills:  Even though statistics show schools are still among the safest places to be on a day-to-day basis, disasters can occur. Because of that, no community can be complacent in its efforts to make its schools even safer.  To ensure everyone knows what to do, we conduct drills and training all through the year to ensure that students, staff, faculty, and first responders know what is expected of them. In addition to practicing the drills, we will also be discussing with the students the appropriate actions to take during an emergency. These drills and accompanying discussions are designed to prepare your child to act quickly and to minimize your child’s fear should an emergency occur.

    During the threat of severe weather, students will be moved to assigned weather safe rooms. 

    In case of a “hazardous release event” (chemical spill) or “police emergency” near the school area, “Shelter in Place” procedures will be implemented to provide in place protection.  All students and staff will clear the areas, report to their rooms, and all efforts will be made to prevent outside air or intruders from entering classrooms during the emergency.  Students arriving at school during a “Shelter in Place” drill or event should report to the school office at the school since classrooms will be inaccessible.  When the dangerous incident has subsided, an all clear signal will be given.

    We know crisis situations are stressful for students, staff, and parents.  We continue to be proactive in practicing for emergencies and keeping students, staff, and parents informed.  Your cooperation is vital in any emergency.  In case of such an emergency, please help us by reviewing and putting into action the following:  Please follow directions from police, fire department, and school administrators during the emergency.  Do not call the school.  The D.I.S.D. information officer will provide information to the parents and the public and you will be told how to access the latest information.

    It is important to understand that when the school is in lockdown or we have entered our weather safe areas, no students will be released during those times until the threat is over. Students will be released only to parents and persons identified on the School District Emergency Card.  They might be asked for picture identification.  During an extreme emergency, students will be released at designated reunion location on school campuses.  Parents should plan on being patient and understanding with the student release process.  It is a methodical process designed to ensure that your child has been released to the adult of your choice or is being taken care of by us until you, the parent, arrive.  Please instruct your student to remain at school until you or a designee arrives.  Since local telephone service may be disrupted, also list an out-of state contact on the emergency card since calls may still be made out of the area while incoming calls are affected.

    The decision to keep students at school will be based upon whether or not streets in the area are open.  If this occurs, radio stations will be notified.  If students are removed from campus, they will be taken to the Denton County Tax Office, located at the corner of McKinney and Woodrow streets for parent pick-up.  The Denton County Tax Office is the alternate back up off campus site.

    Planned Drills 2023-2024 school year     
    August-  fire / communications                         January- fire / lockdown
    September- fire / lockdown                               February- fire
    October- fire / evacuation / weather                  March- fire / weather
    November- fire / bomb threat                            April- fire / lockdown
    December- fire                                                   May-fire 
                                                            *All drills are subject to change  

    Be sure that you sign in at the front office each time that you enter the building.  It is our hope that an emergency will never ever happen at Davis.  I believe with parents, students, and staff working together, we can be proactive in making Davis a safe place.  Should you have questions regarding the Emergency Operations Plan, please contact me at 940.369.4050 or rwatkins@dentonisd.org.


    Ronnie Watkins,
    Davis School Principal