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    W.S. Ryan Daily Schedule, Arrival & Dismissal Procedures


    *We ask for your patience and compliance with our arrival and dismissal procedures.  We have a systematic process to get over 600 students in and out of school as safely and efficiently as possible.  Modeling rule/law-following, safety and respect will benefit our children in countless ways! 
    *Anytime you need to change the dismissal method for y our child, please be sure you notify the school in writing or by phone.  Otherwise, your child will be dismissed by the method you indicated at registration. 

     7:10 a.m.


    • Cafeteria Doors open for early arriving students.
    •  Car Rider Drop-Off is in the Cafeteria Circle and Front Circle.  Parents wishing to walk into the building with their students will need to enter & sign in through the front doors with their ID!
    •  Bus drop off is in the Gym circle; Day Care drop off is in the cafeteria circle and front driveways.
    •  Students go to the cafeteria if they are eating breakfast.
    •  All other students line up with their class in the gym until the 7:30 bell rings.
    • Students are able to enter classrooms.
    • School day begins with teachers at their doors to greet students
    • Tardy bell rings and announcements begin; students are expected to be in class ready to learn by this time. They must be inside the classroom by 7:40 in order to not be counted as "tardy" on attendance records.
    • After 7:40, parents will not be allowed to walk their children to class. Any parents in the building at the 7:40 bell will need to exit the building,unless they are signed in for a conference or scheduled volunteering.    
    • The cafeteria door is closed and locked at the 7:40 bell.  Students arriving after that time need to enter at the front office and ring the bell to enter the building. 
    10:30a.m. - 1:30p.m.
    • Lunches
    3:00p.m. Dismissal
    • Car Rider Pick-up line is in the Cafeteria Circle.  Car riders are dismissed from the cafeteria by their car tag  numbers.  Please review your car tag number with your child.  Parents are asked to stay in their cars to keep the line moving efficiently; staff members will escort students to their cars.  Please have your car tag visible for staff members to see.  If you do not have your car tag, you will need to pull around to the front office and go inside to pick up your child. 
    • Day Care and Pre-K Parent Pick-Up is in the Front Driveway.
    • Walkers are dismissed outside the Kindergarten hallway (across from the recess field), and outside the Third Grade hallway along Creekdale. Parents wanting to meet their walkers should meet them at one of those locations, and notify the teacher of the location so the students are walked out to the correct walker location.
    • ESD students are escorted to the ESD check-in location inside the building.
    • Bus Pick-Up is in the Gym Loop. ( A teacher escorts each bus number line to their respective bus.)
    • ***If you need to change your child's dismissal method, we ask that you do this by 2:00 to give the office staff time to relay all dismissal change methods to teachers.  Please do not email or call the teachers; they may not receive their email or voice mail in time, and substitutes do not have access to teacher email or voice mail.  Contact the office for all dismissal changes at 940-369-4600.
    • ***Parents who arrive late for dismissal, after the car line is empty, will need to come to the office and sign out their child. Students not picked up on time will stay with their classroom teacher this year.  Parents should be at the school at 3:00 p.m. for dismissal.  Staff members need to use the time after school for meetings, conferences, and lesson planning. 
    • ***If something arises after school causing you to be late to pick up your child, please call the front office at 940-369-4600 to let us know when you expect to arrive, or, if it will take a while, which of your emergency contacts will be coming to pick up your child.  If we cannot reach you, our office will contact your emergency contacts to come pick up your child. 


Last Modified on November 7, 2019