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    Media Center Hours
    7:30 AM - 3:30 PM

    Circulation Guidelines
    Kindergarten - 1 book
    First Grade - 1 book
    Second Grade - 2 books
    Third Grade - 2 books
    Fourth Grade - 2 books
    Fifth Grade - 2 books
    If a student loses or damages a book they are responsible for replacing, or paying for it.  Cash and checks are accepted as payment. Checks need to be made out to Stephens Elementary and need a DL# and Phone# on them please. 
     Books are checked out for 1 week K-2 and 2 weeks 3-5. Play-a-ways may only be checked out by 4th and 5th graders and require a signed parent permission slip. Overdue books must be returned before new ones may be checked out.
    Nicole Sanders, Library Media Specialist

Last Modified on August 17, 2017