• Asthma Management in Children


    How do people get asthma – many opinions, but researchers are undecided.


    Types of asthma:

                Intermittent, mild persistent, moderate persistent, severe persistent


    Asthma Attack: airways become swollen, clogged, or restricted, linings inflamed; easier to get air in that get it out.


    Most common things that cause an attack:




                Secondhand smoke

                Respiratory infections



    Things to do to help prevent an attack:

                Frequent hand washing

                Not sharing drinks or eating utensils

                Getting enough sleep

                Eating right

                Annual flu shot


    Managing includes changes at home and in every day life and utilizing an asthma management plan developed with a physician.


    Open Airways for Schools (OAW) can be taught by anyone after training and certification by the American Lung Association. The aim is for children to take care of their asthma on a daily bases and empower them to take control and make healthy choices. There are six 40 minute classes taught to 8 -11 year olds using a broad range of methods:

                Role play to rehearse new skills

                Storytelling to stimulate problem solving

                Games to practice decision making

    Physical activities to learn how to control panicky feelings that often arise when asthma symptoms occur.


    Goals of OAW:

                Have fewer and less severe asthma attacks

                Improve their academic performance

                Have more confidence in their ability to manage their asthma

                Exert greater influence on their parents asthma management decisions.

Last Modified on July 31, 2012