Expectations of a Lady Cougar


    In an effort to be champions of any game, we must also learn to be champions of life. All athletes must realize that at all times we are ambassadors of our school. We must always have a winning attitude and offer respect to our coaches, teammates and all others regardless of whether we win or lose. On and off the field, we must act like winners, handling ourselves at all times with integrity and positive attitude... especially in the tough times. Therefore, as a Lady Cougar athlete, I will:

    • Excel in the classroom

    • Work hard during practice at all times (season and offseason)

    • Always have a positive attitude

    • Expect the best from myself and my teammates

    • Play with enthusiasm. I will be excited and enjoy what I am doing.

    • Play hard and smart. I will stay focused and maintain a high level of concentration and hustle

    • Be an encouragement and a leader. Leaders are people who show the way and lead by their example.

    • Not make excuses. I will learn from my errors and accept responsibility for my actions.

    • Always put the team first, not allowing others to talk negatively about ANY team or each other of individuals associated with the team

    • Do the little things right, even when no one is watching, have integrity

    • Take pride in keeping all facilities neat and clean at all times

    A few points to remember…

    • Do something. Don’t wait for someone else – YOU go and make the difference.

    • Expect nothing. In all that you do, do it for the love of it – don’t expect a reward. Our reward is that you are lucky enough to be playing the best sport in the world.

    • Blame no one. Mistakes happen. The most important thing is that you give it your personal best. Learn from the error and move on.

    • “Anything less than your best is a felony” – Vanilla Ice

    • Winners are those who can regain their positive attitudes quickly.



    • To be loyal and honest to you in all areas of accomplishment and failure.

    • To teach you that problems are a constant part of life and attack them as challenges

    • To provide the leadership and training necessary to set and achieve goals.

    • To work you harder than you have worked before

    • To assist you in any way possible now and after you graduate.

    • To treat you as an adult and to love and respect you.

    • To make all decision predicated on what is best for the team, and then what is best for the individuals.

    • To give you discipline and teach you how to develop self-discipline.

    • To teach you to exhibit poise in difficult situations.

    • To separate the performance from the performer.

Last Modified on August 15, 2016