• Dress Code:

    McMath has adopted the Dress Code that has been adopted by the Denton ISD School Board.  The Denton ISD Dress Code can be found on page 56 of the Student and Parent Handbook found at https://www.dentonisd.org/Page/99506.

    1. All students are to present a clean, well-groomed appearance at school and school activities. All clothing must be sized to fit properly.

    2. All students will be expected to wear a face mask to help mititgate exposure to COVID-19

    3. The following items have been determined to be unacceptable for wear at school:

    • accessories which create a disruption
    • accessories applied to the facial area, tongue, or body such as safety pins to the eye area, studs, or rings through the nose
    • any headgear other than part of approved school uniform
    • bandanas
    • bare midriffs
    • chains or accessories which can be used as a weapon (such as spiked collars/bracelets)
    • display of undergarments
    • flip-flops (except in high schools, or as determined by administration on all campuses)
      • McMath allows flip flops
    • garments containing offensive or obscene words or phrases, pictures, symbols or images
    • garments which promote or advertise alcohol, tobacco or other prohibited products
    • halter tops or tank tops
    • mesh/net clothing
    • pajamas, slippers or house shoes
    • ragged or intentionally cut-torn clothing as determined inappropriate by the campus principal or designee
      • McMath allows holes with skin showing from the knees down
      • McMath allows holes with no skin showing above the knees
        • students must patch or wearing something under the pants [ie. leggings, shorts,etc]
    • saggy/baggy pant
    • see-through apparel, including leggings
      • McMath allows leggings to be worn as pants provided students wear a school appriate top that that covers the student's bottom (the top must be the same length all the way around the body).
    • shirts open at the sides (excessively large armholes)
    • short shorts/skirts (mid-thigh length)
    • steel-toed shoes (except in identified CTE classes)
    • strapless dresses/blouses
    • sunglasses
    • unnatural cosmetic contact lens colors (considered distracting)
    • Inappropriate hairstyles that cause a disruption. McMath considers unnatural hair colors a disruption/distraction. 
    • visible tattoos and body art which promote nudity, obscenity or gang activity are unacceptable and must be covered 

    **McMath Administration will have final say of the dress code


     Updated 8.23.20