School Year Documents


2022 - 2023 School Calendar FAQs

  • A committee of representatives from various campuses and divisions developed the 2022-2023 School Calendar. The most important consideration in calendar design is how it serves the learning purposes of our students. 

    Several challenges our students and staff have faced during the previous three school years have created a greater need for teacher collaboration, instructional adjustments and data disaggregation by professional educators more than at any other time in history.

  • What specific criteria must our school calendar meet?

  • What priorities were established through surveying and public comment?

  • What does an abbreviated first week of school do to serve students and staff?

  • Why do we have more early release days during the school year this year?

  • Why are the early release days scheduled on Wednesday and not Friday?

  • Why are there four early release days at the close of each semester?

  • Why is it important for the fall semester to end before winter break?

  • Why do we not have a planning day prior to the second semester?

  • Why is there not an “exchange” day built in for staff development completed outside of the school year?

  • What type of support is available for elementary families unable to make arrangements for their children on the early release days?

  • How will we make sure the A/B calendar is established so that early release days are not consistently falling on either an A or B day?

  • What stakeholder groups offered feedback prior to the presentation and approval of this calendar?

  • Why are there three weeks for testing?