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    Welcome to Alexander Elementary
    Child Nutrition
          Your child comes first at Alexander Elementary, so please give us the opportunity to assist in your Childs physical and intellectual fitness.  A child cannot learn if they are hungry and sleepy. To make this possible, start their day with us by eating breakfast.
          We want to ensure that your child receives the fuel necessary to be successful in the classroom.  Our low cost meals provides your child with the best nourishment, variety and service available.  Because diet is essential and has major effects on your long range health, happiness, education and success of your child, our healthy meals are an opportunity to enhance their future and ability to learn.
          Our day begins at 7:15 am with breakfast and runs until 7:45 am.  Your child may arrive at school daily  through the front doors and proceed to the cafeteria where that can purchase a hot breakfast.  We ask that they arrive before 7:45 am in order not to be rushed while eating.  Then they will be released to the classrooms to begin their morning activities.
          The cost of meals are for Breakfast:  $1.00 full price and .30 cents for reduced price
                                                         Lunch:  $2.25 full price and .40 cents for reduced price
                             Teachers, Adults and siblings:  Breakfast:  $1.50    Lunch:  $2.75
    Ice Cream and Fruit Roll Ups are 50 cents each
    We Welcome and Encourage all students to come eat breakfast and lunch with us. 
          Parents did you know that you can check balances and add money to you child's meal account?
         Visit parentonline.net