• Policy and Proceedures


    Circulation Guidelines
    • Students may visit the Library anytime during school hours.
    • Classes will visit the Library weekly to check out books with their teacher.
    • Passes are used for students who want to circulate books more often than their class' weekly visit to the library.
    • Students in Kindergarten may check out 1 item, 1st and 2nd grade may check out 2 items, 3rd and 4th grade may check out 3 items, and 5th grade students may check out 4 items.
    • Students may keep the books for 2 weeks.
    All students are responsible for damaged or lost books. If a book is damaged, the library media specialist assesses a fine, reviewing each damaged item individually. If a book is lost, the student pays the cost of the book plus a processing fee. If a periodical is lost, the student pays $10.00, which covers the cost of the periodical and the cost of the periodical protector. To receive a refund for a lost book/periodical, the item must be returned during the school year in which it was lost.

    Contacting the Borman Library
    Phone Number is (940) 369-2570
    Fax Number is (940) 369-4903