Hello Parents and Band Members--
    This year, I will be sending out a tentative weekly schedule outlining what we will be covering and events for the upcoming week!! I will also be posting this sort of thing, as usual, on the band face book page, my director page and the band page. Sooooooo.......
    This week we will 
    1. Be covering tone and articulation and begin detailed work on pep tunes.
    2. Begin before school section rehearsals on all district/all region audition music. The schedule is as follows:
    Rehearsals are in the band hall and begin at 7:45AM and will go every week until all auditions are complete in November.
    Harris Gaskill
    Trombones/Baritones Clarinets
    Trumpet Alto and Bari Sax
    French Horn Flute
    Tuba Tenor Sax
    Percussion Bass Clarinet
    Let's get busy!!!
    WOW!!! THAT WAS FAST!!!!
    I think that may have been the shortest summer break on record and I'm happy to be back in the band hall. Mrs. Gaskill and I anticipate another busy and outstanding year ahead of us. We are already entering contests, scheduling concerts, picking out music and a number of other AWESOME things  for everyone to do. Hopefully, everyone already has their schedule and you are in the correct band class. Please don't worry if not!! Let one of us know and we will work it out with the front office. Also--if you're not on the band face book page send a friend request to McMath Tiger Band and we will approve you.
    ***PARENTS--I personally approve everyone on this list to make sure it is only for us***
    The first week will be a lot of tending to the business of band, i.e. lockers, instruments, music, supplies, calendar, etc......
    Honors Band, Symphonic Band and Jazz Band please bring everything necessary to play on the first day of school.
    Beginner Band--RELAX and take a BREATH!! The first few weeks will go by very slowly. I DON'T WANT ANYONE PLAYING THEIR INSTRUMENT UNTIL WE ARE READY FOR YOU TO DO SO!!! We have a proven method that prepares each student and it is a step by step process. If you already have your instrument, please bring it to the band hall. We will assign you a band locker and lock and you can store your gear here.
    Our first few days will consist of going over procedures(refresher course for most of your), assigning lockers, passing out school owned instruments and begin getting our chops back in shape. We will also be passing out hard copies of several things to be reviewed and signed/returned.
    PARENTS--We will go over everything in person at our band parent meeting on 8/23/17, so be looking for the handouts. We ALWAYS post all handouts and reminders on the band web site, our personal MMS Director page and the band face book page as well as send email. PLEASE MAKE YOUR YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IS UPDATED IN YOUR HOME ACCESS CENTER (HAC) SO WE CAN COMMUNICATE WITH YOU!!!
    Please feel free to contact us for anything you need and let's get it started--2017-2018 is going to be AWESOME!!!! #bandlife
    Mr. Harris
    Mrs. Gaskill

    Band Supplies!

    6th grade--tissues OR paper towels
    7th grade-- pack of pencils
    8th grade--white printer paper
    **We highly recommend that all students have a 1" binder dedicated to band with about 20 sheet protectors, 50 pieces of notebook paper, and pencils!! 



Last Modified on September 5, 2017