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    Click on the following links to find the objectives for each grade level as outlined by the Texas Education Agency:
     Helpful Books
    The following books are helpful resources
    for both students and parents. Each of these books are 
    published by Great Source Education Group and 
    can be purchased at Amazon.com or other bookstores.




        • Math at Hand
        • Math on Call
        • Algebra to Go
        • Geometry to Go

    Released STAAR Tests

     CLICK HERE to go to the Texas Education Agency website
    and review released STAAR math tests.


    "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."



    Math Teachers

    6th Grade Math

                              Team 6-1   Mr. Eric Johnk

    Team 6-2   Ms. Tina Taylor

                   7th Grade Math/Math Accel/Adv. Math
                         Team 7-1    Ms. Susana Mercado

    Team 7-2    Mr. Michel Hilton Sr.

     8th Grade Math, and Algebra

    Team 8-1  Ms. MK Overton

    8th Grade Math/Math Accel 

    Team 8-2   Mr. Sean Echols


    7th Grade Co-Teach Math
    Mr. Tim Threlfall 

    8th Grade Co-Teach Math

    6th-8th ELL Math   
    Ms. Ruth Westbrook





    We are looking forward to an exciting year.  

    Throughout the year we will challenge students to analyze new information as we prepare them for the next grade level, the STAAR test, and life. We will teach them how to break apart problems and develop a plan for solving them.

    If you have a chance, visit the teacher website for your child's teacher.