•          Welcome to McMath Social Studies!
    The Social Studies department at McMath is staffed by dedicated, knowledgeable, and highly qualified teachers who make it their goal to enthusiastically present social studies lessons that exceed state and local standards and prepare students for the responsibilities and benefits of good citizenship.  
    Sixth grade World Cultures:
    6-1: Mike Spabary (msprabary@dentonisd.org) 
    6-2: Sherri Herrera (sherrera@dentonisd.org) 
    Seventh grade Texas History:
    Virginia Ginn (vginn@dentonisd.org)
    Johnny Mumford (jmumford@dentonisd.org)
    Eighth grade U.S. and Honors U.S. History:
    Erika Simos (esimon@dentonisd.org
    Scott Steiner, dept. head (ssteiner@dentonisd.org)
     Social Studies support staff:
    Resource teacher: Lonce Simon (npatterson@dentonisd.org
    Inclusion aide: Roman Herrera (rherrera@dentonisd.org) 
    We encourage you to visit our individual teacher websites for more detailed information about our classes.