• CHARMS Music Software:  Harpool Middle School Band


    CHARMS is a music organization software program used by all music groups in Denton ISD.  It allows the director, student, and parents to track student information, forms turned in, fees paid, and much more.  It is very important that your information is correct.


    To access CHARMS  
    1. Go to www.charmsoffice.com 
    2. Hover over “Login” at the top right of the page and click on it 
    3. In the “Parent/Student/Member” field, type in the school code: harpoolband (no caps, no spaces) 
    4. Your password is your student ID number (if you didn't change it last year)
    5. Charms will then prompt you to create a new password. Your password must be a minimum of 8 characters long, including alpha and numeric characters, and 1 capital letter. REMEMBER YOUR PASSWORD!
    Please complete the following to receive full credit, complete by Friday August 27th
    This will allow you to receive e-mails from Mr. Stone about upcoming band events.
    This list is used only by Harpool Band and will not result in spam.


    Charms assignment – due Friday August 27, 2021

      1. Click on the blue “Update Info” icon near bottom of the screen 
      2. Enter/update/check all listed information for yourself and the adult(s) that you live with All info should be current – check and verify with your parents! E-mail addresses are really important – we communicate via e-mail a LOT.
        a. The information on the first page is for STUDENT information (e-mail address, cell number, etc.)
        b.  Use the “Add new adult” if necessary for all parent/guardian information. Parent e-mail addresses and correct phone numbers are extremely important.
        c.  Click UPDATE before leaving this screen.  


    • Type "YES" in the field that says "Handbook Agree" indicating that you and your child have read the handbook (which is on the website... please read it). 

     Make sure you enter/update your t-shirt size. The following letters should be used for shirt sizes:

    • YM = Youth Medium
    • YL = Youth Large
    • XS = Extra Small
    • S = Small
    • M = Medium
    • L = Large
    • XL = Extra Large
    • 2XL = 2 Extra Large 


    This assignment may be done at home on your personal computer, or at any computer with Internet access.  In the event that you forget your password and cannot log into your account, e-mail bstone@dentonisd.org or estaniszewski2@dentonisd.org
Last Modified on August 23, 2021