Harpool Band Personal Trainers (Click Here) 


    The DISD has a world-class staff of musicians who are approved through audition, interviews and background checks to work with students on a one-on-one basis. Training may be taken before or after school or during the student’s daily band class. This program is supported by the individual parents who cover the cost of the program. Payment is paid directly to the private instructors ($20 per half-class period or 30 min before/after school). Please speak to a director regarding financial assistance.

    Personal Trainers will assist students with the preparation of music for All-District/Region, Solo/Ensemble, band music, as well as material to advance their playing. Teachers will include an organized lesson plan of fundamentals that will need to be practiced consistently in order to receive the greatest benefits from private instruction.  Parents should become informed about the lesson content, expectations of the instructor, and their student's rate of progress. Parents should contact their own campus band director with questions about lessons or private instructors.

    Private instruction has been approved to take place before/during/after the school day and is offered as enrichment, NOT remedial instruction.  It is encouraged for the complete development of each student's potential as a performing musician. 

    Personal Training FAQ's

Last Modified on August 18, 2023