• F. A. Q.'s

    1.  How much will it cost? 


    NOT MUCH!!  We have fundraisers that help defer costs and we work with all financial situations.  We want to give every child the best opportunity possible.  Some students may even qualify to use an instrument for FREE!


    Rental Fee of most instruments: $30.00-$60.00 per month depending on the instrument chosen (if you choose to rent your instrument).  Purchase prices of instruments vary depending on the instrument chosen.


    2.   Why should my child be involved?


    Your child has the opportunity of being a part of an outstanding Band Program at Harpool.  It has been proven that playing a musical instrument raises I.Q., reading, and math abilities.  It is a great “family” to which a student can “belong”.  It also builds community pride and personal confidence.


    3.   How do I sign my child up for band?


    You will need to meet with the band staff at Harpool during the spring semester on the instrument selection night.  We will help pick the instrument that will provide the most success for your child.  We will take instrument choices on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Percussion fills up fast.*


    4.   Can my child participate in sports or cheerleading and still be in the band? 


    Yes!  The coaches and the directors work closely with one another to make everything possible for the students.


    5.   What are the time commitments for beginning students?



    o       Class time during the regular school day.

    o       3 to 5 after school rehearsals prior to concerts and contests for the purpose of combining classes for a performance

    o       At least 20-30 minutes of practice 4-6 days per week  



    6.  What are my responsibilities as a parent?


      • To provide an instrument or pay an instrument usage fee for a school owned instrument ($100 per year).  School instruments are Oboe, Bassoon, French horn, Euphonium, and Tuba.
      • To provide the beginner books as directed by the Band Staff.
      • To provide maintenance items and supplies such as valve oil, reeds, band binder, etc.

    7.   What are my child’s responsibilities?


      • To practice at least 20-30 minutes 4-6 days per week
      • To have his or her instrument, music, pencil, band binder, and related materials in class and work to the best of their ability every day

    8. How do I know what instrument my child should play?


    The Band Staff will meet individually with your child to determine which instrument your child will be most successful playing.  Call 369-1782 or email bstone@dentonisd.org to talk to a director.  


    10. Where and how do we rent or buy an instrument?


    Music and Arts Centers will be at the instrument selection night to guide you through the rental/purchase process.  If you are renting an instrument, your first payment will be due at this time.  The Band Staff has a list of recommended brands of each of the beginning instruments if you would like to purchase/rent your child’s instrument from somewhere else.   If you are considering a used instrument, please have it checked by the Band Staff before you purchase it to ensure that it is in good working order.


    * If you have not had an opportunity to meet with the band staff, please call 369-1782 to speak with a director as soon as possible.




    Bryan Stone

Last Modified on August 8, 2019