• Code of Ethics

    1.   Maintain CONFIDENTIALITY as the basis of the program.

    2.   Reflect a positive role model and healthy lifestyle. 

    • The Texas State office (PAL Services) encourages that students involve local programs do not use any substance that would be harmful to their health
    • Students sign a " no use contract" on the day they are accepted to be a PAL.
    • With the above mentioned in mind a PAL student is required to abstain from the use of any drug that could be detrimental to personal health. Use of tobacco, alcohol and / or any other illegal drug is not acceptable behavior in  being a PAL. 

    3.   Respect others by supporting, listening, sharing, and taking extreme care, do not  to judge.

    4.   Be a responsible PAL student.

    • Keep all appointments
    • Miss school only when necessary 
    • Maintain all paperwork
    • Maintain PAL notebook
    • Participate in all required activities