World  Languages

    The World Languages Department offers courses in the following world languages: ASL 1-4, French 1-4, German 1-4, Latin 1-4, and Spanish 1-5.


    The goal of these courses is to help students to communicate with other speakers of the same language being studied through oral and written expression. The first two years of language study are devoted to the acquisition of the fundamental skills of communication.


    The courses integrate language with history, culture, daily life, community, health and our environment so that the language is taught in context, and the students learn the importance of differentiating between speaking in formal and informal settings.


    The Spanish for Spanish Speakers courses offered encompass levels 1-3. Because our heritage speakers know how to speak the language already, the focus of this program is to improve their reading and writing skills. Therefore, students focus on reading literature and writing about it as well as perfecting their grammar and oral skills.

    To enhance all students' learning of the world language chosen, authentic audio, visual, digital and written materials are used. DHS has two digital labs that are an integral part of the students' learning. 



    World Language Teachers

        Rita Bruton
        Spanish 1 and 2
       Paula Celis
          Spanish 1 and 2
         Cristina Galindo
            Spanish 5AP, Spanish 4 IB ab initio/SL/HL, Spanish 3 Pre-AP, and Spanish for Speakers 3 Pre-AP
           World Languages Department Chair
        email - web 
      Kala Hall
     Spanish 2, Spanish 2 Pre-AP
                                                                                                                               email - website                                                                                                                           
        Wendy O'Hearn
            French 2 Pre-AP,  French 3 and 3 Pre-AP
               email - website
                                                                                                              Don Place
    Spanish 3 Pre-AP, Spanish 4,  4 AP and IB
                 email - website
      Sierra Fasseler
         German 1-3 and 3 Pre-AP
           German 4 AP/IB
        Wendy Hardin
           French 1-2, French 4 AP/IB
          Rebecca Thomason
             Latin 1-3 Pre-AP, Latin 4 AP/IB

      Luis Tovar
                Spanish for Spanish Speakers 1-2  and Spanish 1 and 1 Pre-AP
                 email - website

              Jamie Covey
              ASL 1-4