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    Regular and on time attendance is the greatest factor in school success. Your student’s priority should be to regularly attend class on time. Being absent unnecessarily from school impairs a student’s opportunity to succeed in studies and indirectly encourages the development of poor attitudes toward schoolwork and other obligations. A significant part of the learning process occurs from direct instruction from the teacher and the interaction between students and their teachers within the classroom. These interactions in the classroom are essential to the development of your student and is hard to duplicate outside the classroom setting. Attendance is also a factor used in getting a VOE, qualifying for and keeping a parking permit, earning campus rewards, qualifying for an early or late dismiss block or getting and renewing a driver’s license.  Signing a student out in the Attendance office does not constitute an excused absence.  A note must be turned in either in person or through email to trivers@dentonisd.org, jthomas@dentonisd.org or DHSnotes@dentonisd.org.


    Communication between students, families, and the school district personnel are important to understanding how attendance plays a role in a student’s overall success. We must all work together for a student to have the best educational experience possible and to take advantage of all the opportunities available. Listed below are some important contacts:

    • Questions regarding absences recorded on your student’s attendance should be directed towards the teacher of record. Email addresses are in HAC or on the Denton High Webpage. The Attendance Office is not able to change an attendance record without an email from the teacher on record.

    • For questions about attendance coding and notes that have been turned in contact: trivers@dentonisd.org

    • Questions about a Compulsory Attendance Warning Letter, an Attendance Contract, a Truancy Prevention Class Notification, a Home Visit or a Court Summons, contact: jthomas@dentonisd.org

    • Updated or ongoing health concerns, including surgery, concussions, new or updated medication, allergies and illnesses should first be reported to the school nurse at: mweddle@dentonisd.org

    • Our Student Resource counselor can be contacted at: lschafer@dentonisd.org for 9th grade through 12th grade students.

    • Questions about why your student has lost credit and credit recovery should be directed to your student’s AP (Assistant Principal).


    Kimberly Thaggard A-C 9th -12th grades kthaggard@dentonisd.org

    Joann Keller D-H 9th - 12th grades jkeeler@dentonisd.org

    Frank Perez I-N 9th - 12th grades fperez@dentonisd.org

    Matt Smith O-R 9th - 12th grades msmith5@dentonisd.org

    Howard Palmer S-Z 9th - 12th grades hpalmer@dentonisd.org