Instrument Preferences



    Yamaha YFL 281S Open Hole  CZ Headjoint

    Cleaning rod and swab



    Buffet E11

    D'Addario XO (hard rubber) mouthpiece, silk swab, 1 box of D'Addario Reserve Classic #2 1/2 Reeds, cork grease



    Yamaha YAS 26

    Selmer C* mouthpiece, Rovner or BG Ligature, D'Addario Reserve #2 1/2 Reeds, padded neck strap, swab




    Bach 7C Trumpet mouthpiece, Al Cass valve oil, slid-eze slide grease, cleaning snake, mouthpiece brush, BERP




    Yamaha YSL -200AD

    Schilke 51D mouthpiece, cleaning snake, slide cream, mouthpiece brush, BERP, 


    School Owned Instruments

    Rented from Harpool/DISD for the school year


    Oboe and Bassoon – 3 Handcrafted Reeds purchased from Harpool, silk swab, cork grease, reed soaker cup, reed case, bocal swab (Bassoon) (private instruction highly recommended)


    French Horn – Schilke 29 mouthpiece, rotary oil, mouthpiece brush, cleaning snake, slid-eze slide grease, BERP,


    Euphonium Schilke 51D mouthpiece, valve oil, cleaning snake, mouthpiece brush, slid-eze slide grease, BERP


    Tuba – Helleberg mouthpiece, valve oil, mouthpiece brush, slide grease, BERP,

    All Wind instruments will also purchase Essential Elements Book 1


    Online reservations may be made online @ SAIED Music. 

    Rentals: https://saiedmusic.com/rentals/  (Click Rent now and select Denton, TX as location) 
    Supplies only instruments: https://saiedmusic.com/accessories-by-school/  (Click Texas and then select Denton, TX as location)

    Or Sweetwater Band Rentals
    Instructions for Sweetwater:  Sweetwater Instructions

    Or Music and Arts Rentals:  https://www.musicarts.com/rentals?schoolTypeId=0&studentGrade=6&schoolId=82056&deliveryTimeId=fall 
    Supplies only instruments:  https://www.musicarts.com/school-supplies?studentGrade=6&schoolId=82056 

    (Percussion students see the link in the Percussion section below for your supplies)  


    Saied Music – Sherman
    3433 N. Heritage Pkwy., Sherman, TX 75092  

    Music and Arts Center -The Shoppes at Vista Ridge
    360 E FM 3040 Suite 820
    Lewisville, TX 75067
    (972) 315-8400  





    Percussion supplies can be found by going to https://dynamixpercussion.com/collections/harpoolms6th
    10% off discount code: Guyer23! 

    The practice xylophone or marimba can be rented through Saied Music. The snare practice pad can also be purchased through Saied Music.


    The instruments we recommend are of the highest quality. If you find an instrument brand or model that is not on this list, please contact a director before purchasing the instrument. Many discount stores have begun to sell musical instruments. These instruments, although inexpensive, may be of questionable quality. They may not hold up well and it may be difficult to obtain repairs when needed. In the case of musical instruments, you really do get what you pay for. Please get the best possible instrument for your child and rely on your band director’s expertise. A quality instrument will help make band a more positive experience with the greatest possibility of student success.


Last Modified on March 20, 2024