• -This letter is NOT intended for DPS services (driver's license/permit) You can request a VOE for DPS purposes on the Braswell website: VOE for DPS

    Per the Social Security website, a school identification card may be accepted as proof of identity. Refer to their website for additional forms of ID accepted before requesting a letter. List of accepted forms of identity for a SS card replacement


    Your child: While you can use a birth certificate to prove age or citizenship, you cannot use it as proof of identity. Social Security needs evidence that shows the child continues to exist beyond the date of birth. We can accept only certain documents as proof of your child's identity. An acceptable document must show your child's name, identifying information (i.e., age, date of birth, or parents' names) and preferably a recent photograph. We generally can accept a non-photo identity document if it has enough information to identify the child (such as the child's name and age, date of birth or parents' names). We prefer to see the child's U.S. passport. If that document is not available, we may accept the child's:

    • State Issued non-drivers identification card;
    • Adoption decree;
    • Doctor, clinic or hospital record;
    • Religious record;
    • School daycare center record; or
    • School identification card.

    -Attendance reports and verification: Contact our attendance office.

    -We require at least 48 hours (weekends/holidays NOT included), to process your letter.

    -We may email you for additional information before processing the letter.