Denton ISD's Home Access Center (HAC) gives you the ability to view your child(ren)’s schedule, attendance, report cards, transcript, rank, GPA, test scores and update demographic information in the comfort of your own home. 

    An address change requires that you complete a Demographic Update form along with provide a proof of residence and a parent/guardian's ID to the student's campus before the change can be made.  Please click here for information on Proof of Residency.

    If you are having issues accessing your HAC account, please contact Mary Beth Bartels at mbartels@dentonisd.org or Elena Perez-Ojeda at eperezojeda@dentonisd.org.

    Home access Center can be found on the Denton ISD website in one of two places:
    1) Under “Quick Links” on the homepage, then “Infosnap Registration,” then “Home Access Center (HAC)”
    2) Under the “Parents” tab, then “Registration Information,” then “Home Access Center (HAC)”


    Your Username is the email address you used to register your child at BHS
    Your generic password is: P@ssword99
    You will be prompted to change it on your first login.

    For Student login:

    Your Username is your Student ID

    Your Password is your date of birth

    Example for Billy Bengal, whose date of birth Jan 1, 2000:

    Username is: 123456
    Password: 01012000.

    If you have issues with HAC after you receive this email and followed these instructions, please contact Mr. Tabor at 972-347-7802 for assistance.


    Now you can access school information from mobile devices using the eSchoolPLUS Family app. Use the app to view attendance, classwork, class and activity calendar events, student grades, and transportation information. Users can also send an email to a teacher by tapping the teacher's name.
    The student alerts subscribed to in Home Access Center can be viewed directly in the app using the notifications option. Use the Preferences option to change your student alert subscriptions and the email address on record with the school.  


    Denton ISD's Home Access Center (HAC) ofrece la posibilidad de ver el horario, la asistencia, Los reportes de calificaciones, la transcripción, el rango,el GPA, las calificaciones de los exámenes y la información demográfica de su hijo (a) en la comodidad de su hogar.  Un cambio de dirección requiere que complete un formulario de Actualización demográfica junto con una prueba de residencia y una identificación del padre / tutor legal en el campus del estudiante antes de que se pueda realizar el cambio.

    Si tiene problemas para acceder a su cuenta HAC, comuníquese con Mary Beth Bartels en mbartels@dentonisd.org o con Elena Perez-Ojeda en eperezojeda@dentonisd.org.