• FAQ-- Returning Denton ISD Students 


    Q: Should I complete a New Student application for my child if I have not received a snapcode?

    A: No. Please contact the campus if you have not received a snapcode for your child.

    Q: What if I did not receive a snapcode for each child?

    A:  Please try checking your email from a computer instead of a mobile device. Check your “junk mail.”  If you have not received a snapcode please contact the campus to verify they have the most up to date email address for your family.  

    Q: Can I change my physical address in Infosnap?

    A: Yes. You can request an address change in Infosnap. The actual change of address is approved by campus personnel once you have provided your proof of residency to the zoned campus.

    Q: Can a parent remove another Guardian from Infosnap?

    A: No. Removal of a Guardian is requested at the campus level only. A Guardian cannot be removed without legal documentation, court order or death certificate.

    Q: Can a parent remove Emergency Contacts in Infosnap?

    A: Yes. An emergency contact can be removed and replaced each school year. 

    Q: What if I can’t remember my email/login and/or password to Infosnap?

    A: An Infosnap login can be retrieved at the campus as well as a password reset.

    Q: Can a parent change his or her email address for the Infosnap login?

    A: Yes, once the parent is logged in using the OLD email address, you can change your login and password at any time.

    Q: What if a student changes his/her address over the summer and the snapcode is showing the old campus?

    A: Continue with the Infosnap process. Take the verification printout along with your new proof residency to the zoned campus.

    Q: Can I name a family member as a Guardian that is not on my child’s birth certificate?

    A: Please check with your child’s enrolled campus. Campus personnel can lead you to the correct answer depending on the family’s circumstance. In most cases, an additional notarized document could be required.