Withdrawal Information

  • Withdrawal Procedures

    Please email the completed withdrawal form from the link below to the Registrar’s Office along with a copy of your parental/guardian ID. The withdrawal form must include:
    Withdrawal Form (link to form)

    Student Name:
    Student ID Number:
    New School Name:
    New School City, State/Online:
    Last day at BHS/First Day at New School:
    Parent/Guardian ID:


    Before records can be released: Students must turn in all issued textbooks, Chomebook, classroom issued books, library books, parking permits, and return any equipment/uniforms issued from any coaches/directors. Any outstanding items as well as fines incurred must be paid in full to complete the withdrawal process. Payment must made to the bookkeeper and be in the form of cash or money orders. 

    CHROMEBOOKS will be locked if they are not returned when your student is withdrawn.

    Once the withdrawal process is complete, all items have been returned and all fees paid, parents will be given a student transcript and copy of immunizations to be taken to the students new school to facilitate enrollment. We can email you the packet or have it available for in person pick up at the fron office.

    Please contact our Registrar, Tonya Moore at 972-347-7723 or email, tmoore@dentonisd.org or our Assistant Registrar at 972-347-7867 if you have any questions about the withdrawal process.


    If your family is considering home school for your student, a listing of home school programs that Denton ISD recognizes and acknowledges their accreditation can be found HERE; this list is by no means comprehensive, so please reach out and we will verify your chosen program so your student's hard work at home school is honored, should they choose to return to Denton ISD.

    If you student is seeking a home school program, please know that Denton ISD requires the completion of an Exhibit J which states that your student will be starting on a specified date; this informs the registrar's office on how we should expect the request for records for your student and helps assure that your student is being provided educational services.

    Homeschool Form