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    Please Read Denton ISD's Withdrawal Truancy Notification Letter

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    24 hours of advanced notice of intent to withdraw can speed the process immensely.

    A parent/guardian is required to come to the Registrar’s office to withdraw their student.  They will need to present a drivers license to verify identity and guardianship. 

    Students must turn in all issued textbooks, classroom issued books, library books, parking permits, and return any equipment/uniforms issued from any coaches/directors. Any outstanding items as well as fines incurred must be paid in full to complete the withdrawal process. Payment must made to the bookkeeper and be in the form of cash or money orders.  

    Please be advised that you have 3 days to enroll in another school after you withdraw from our campus. Your new school will need to request your records via fax or Texas Records Exchange System (TREx). If we do not receive a request for records or verification of enrollment (VOE) from your new school within 3 days, a truancy case may be filed in court against the student and parent/guardian.

    Once the withdrawal process is complete, parents will be given a withdrawal forms to be taken to the students new school to facilitate enrollment. Please contact our Registrar, Mary Beth Bartels at 972-347-7723 or email, mbartels@dentonisd.org or our Assistant Registrar, Elena Perez-Ojeda at 972-347-7724 or email,eperezojeda@dentonisd.org if you have any questions about the withdrawal process.


    End of the year withdrawals

    Not Returning to Braswell High School Next Year?

    If your student is not returning to Braswell High school for the next school year, print return the withdrawal form below to the Registrar's office. You will need to present a drivers license to verify identity and guardianship. 

    End of the school year Student Withdrawal Form

    If you are going to Homeschool your student, we will also need a signed Exhibit J.

    For purposes of Leaver Reason Code 60, a signed and dated letter from the parent or guardian stating that the student is being homeschooled and the date homeschooling began is sufficient documentation.  

    Exhibit J