The Denton High School Chess Club Constitution


    We the members of the Chess Club have chosen to preserve the ideals which have been the formula for the creation of our strong civilization. In choosing this path we have decided to follow a set of rules as set down by the following. In order to form a more perfect Chess Club each member shall follow these rules while working in the service of the Chess Club.

    Article I. Organization

    A.    This organization is hereby called the Denton High School Chess Club.

    B.     The organization headquarters shall be at Denton High School.

    C.     The address of the organization shall be:

    Denton High School

    1007 Fulton Street

    Denton, Texas  76201

    Article II. Purposes

    A.    To promote the game and learning of chess.

    B.     To explore and further the educational aspects of the game of chess.

    C.     To participate in events which will promote chess.

    Article III. Qualifications and Duties of Sponsors and Advisors

    A.    At least one sponsor should be a full time teacher at Denton High School

    B.     The sponsors and advisors shall guide the club in all activities, and help members with the questions they may have.

    Article IV. Committee and Officers

    A.    Members are to function together in a cooperative manner.

    B.     Elected officers and their duties shall consist of:

    President: who is to be a Sophomore, Junior or Senior at Denton High School.

    The President will preside at meetings and will work closely with sponsors and advisors to assure that an agenda is followed for each meeting. The President will act as a representative for the entire Chess Club.

    Vice-President: who is to be a Sophomore, Junior or Senior at Denton High School.

    The Vice-President shall act in place of the President whenever the President is for any reason not available.

    Secretary: who may be from any grade level.

    The Secretary’s primary tasks are to keep an accurate account of meetings including attendance and any meeting activities and results. The Secretary is also responsible for coordinating all written communications outside of the club.

    Treasurer: who may be from any grade level.

    The Treasurer shall be responsible for maintaining records of club finances.

    Article V. Membership

    A.    Membership is open to all students at Denton High School

    B.     A grade average of at least 70 in all courses and good citizenship are required. If at the end of any grading period, a member has a grade of below 70 in any courses that member will not be able to participate in club events until at least the end of a three week probationary period. If the member has a grade of 70 or higher in all courses after the three week probationary period, the member may resume active participation in all club events.

    C.     An active member is one who participates in at least 50% of club meetings per month.

    Article VI. Membership Responsibilities

    A.    Members are encouraged to attend all meetings and participate in club events.

    B.     All members shall exhibit good citizenship and show respect to all members of the club as well as any individuals outside the club.

Last Modified on September 25, 2010