• Community Service: Performs community service projects throughout Denton.
    • D*A*S*H (Drugs, Alcohol, Safety, and Health): responsible for events like Red Ribbon Week and awareness programs at elementary and middle schools. Last year, we had the opportunity to become certified to teach tobacco safety.
    • Energy and Environment: environmental wellness. Involves a lot of community beneficial projects (e.g., caulking windows to conserve energy, gathering recyclables raise money).
    • Pride and Patriotism: projects that raise patriotism (mock elections and other informative projects).
    • Publicity: hangs posters, makes synergy slides, and publicizes upcoming events. When they are not busy, they participate in the other groups.
    • Special Projects: any project that doesn't seem to fall into the other categories or projects for groups that need more help.
    • Teacher Appreciation and Prom
    • Renaissance: projects to reward students (validation, student of the month).