• Constitution of the Denton High School Honor Guard 


    The members of the Denton High School Honor Guard must adhere to the following articles.  It must be understood that as a member of this organization, the student becomes a representative of the Denton Independent School District and of Denton High School, therefore each member must maintain high moral and ethical standards.  Membership may be terminated at any time for unacceptable standards of conduct.


    Throughout the year, Honor Guard supports DHS activities and participates at Pep Rallies, Varsity Games  and Fillies Follies. The Honor Guard Constitution is designed to be used as a guideline toward being the best you can be.  Good judgment and common sense will be used when events are not covered in the Constitution.



    Being an Honor Guard must mean being a member of a team; a team that WORKS together, IS together.  Leadership of a team is important, and members often have the opportunity to cultivate. The opportunity to grow, learn, and lead are received through membership in the Honor Guard organization that can ease the transition from adolescence to adulthood.






    The name of this organization shall be the Honor Guard.







    The purpose of the Denton High School Honor Guard shall be to maintain and promote spirit of the school.  Each member shall strive to develop leadership, cooperation, sportsmanship, scholarship, and high standards of conduct.   It is the members purpose to represent Denton High School in a manner that will reflect credit upon the school, as well as upon the members of this organization.  Each member agrees to abide by the rules and regulations set forth in this constitution. 






    Each member must return the signed permission form from their parents/guardians permitting them to participate in the Honor Guard events, including football, basketball, volleyball games, Fillies Follies spring show, and other events that may be scheduled.  In addition to this permission slip, a signed medical form shall be filled out and submitted to the sponsor.  The parents/guardians and members are responsible for completion of all balances owed to the organization and school regardless of membership status.  The parents must be willing to support the member in complying with all regulations and rules of the school and organization.







    Section 1.         Membership in this organization shall be restricted to Denton ISD high school students of the sophomore, junior and senior class.

    Section 2.              There will be one audition to select the new Honor Guard.

    Section 3.              All candidates who do not meet the grade requirements (failing to pass all classes from previous six weeks) for try-outs will be given a waiver for the try-out day only. 

    Section 4.              Candidates will be expected to complete the following on time...

    A.       Turn in a copy of grades for the year

    B.       2 recommendation letters from any 2 DHS teachers/administrators

    C.      Turn in a signed application

    D.      Turn in a signed medical/health form

    E.       Complete the given questions on the application

    F.       Perform a 2-3 minute skit, dance, or both in front of an audience of Fillies, Cheerleader, and current HG.

    G.      Push up marathon

    H.      Free style collaboration amongst candidates


    Section 5.              Anyone who meets the above qualifications will not be discriminated against because of race, creed or handicap.




    Section 1.              Membership in this organization shall be restricted to students enrolled at Denton High School. 

    Section 2.              Each member must maintain a passing grade in all subject areas in order to participate in the Honor Guard. 

    Section 3.              Members will participate in all activities in which the organization is involved.  This includes all practices, games, performances, and activities that the Honor Guard is involved.   

    Section 4.              Members must exhibit and maintain a satisfactory attitude toward school policies and regulations. 

    Section 6.              The term of membership shall be recognized as the time immediately following HG tryouts through tryouts for the following year. 

    Section 7.              A member’s resignation will be accepted only after the member has signed a resignation contract.  The member must have a conference with the directors and ALL financial obligations must be met 

    Section 8.              Members must have a commitment to supporting athletic teams and the promotion of loyal school spirit among the student body and all organizations. 





    Section 1.              Academic Eligibility:  Any member whose recorded six weeks grade average in any course is less than 70 will be ineligible to participate in any team event during the succeeding number of weeks as set forth by the TEA “No Pass, No Play” rule in effect at the time ineligibility occurs.  At this time, the HG will not be allowed to ride to events or participate in any activity. They are encouraged to attend tutorials. To regain eligibility, a student must have a grade of 70 or above at the 3 week period in all classes.  If not, probation will continue until the end of the six weeks period. 

    Section 2.              The second occurrence of academic ineligibility within the year will result in dismissal from the organization.   These two failures can occur in separated six weeks or in the same six weeks.  Failing two or more classes, results in being dismissed from the team.  Note:  the only exception to this rule is if the failure occurs in a Pre-AP or AP class.  Then the student must request and be granted a waiver.  You may only be granted up to 2 waivers for the year. 





    Section 1.              HG will meet Mondays after school (or the 1st day after a holiday) of each week for practice and planning. 

    Section 2.              ALL HG meetings/events will and must take place with the sponsor and will take place ON DHS campus. 

    Section 1.              Absence from any HG activity or event will be unexcused except for circumstances listed below:

    A.       Personal illness or accident

    B.       Death in the family

    C.      Special school activity with advance approval from the sponsor

    D.      Religious Holidays


    Section 3.              In the event of an absence, excused or unexcused, the HG or parent must inform the sponsor of the absence and the reason for the absence PRIOR to practice or event by email or phone call.  

    Section 4.              Failure to comply with absence policies, falsifying reasons for absences or truancies/unexcused absences will result in forfeiture of participating in an event, probation, suspension or dismissal. 

    Section 5.              All HG must be in regular full day attendance at school to participate in a scheduled activity.  Full day attendance is defined as being in school from the first hour and remaining until the close of the last hour.  However, if a student leaves for a field trip, doctor’s appointment, etc. and comes back to school, that will be excused and member will be able to perform.  The HG must notify the sponsor of any absence.






    Section 1.              HG will participate in every Pep Rally.  The sponsor reserves the right to pull any member due to absences, knowledge of activity, attitude or lack of effort. 

    Section 2.              Expected Behavior –

    Never leave an activity without permission and checking out with the sponsor. 

    Never talk or cheer when ANY player is injured.  Take a knee and cheer when the player recovers.

    Always show school spirit.  Get the crowd involved.

    Hats off for National Anthem and presenting of the flags.

    Always stand still for the other team’s school songs.

    Assist with Fillies and Cheer, etc.

    Always help with loading and unloading equipment on buses or from Bronco Field.

    Meet and greet the other team’s Drill Team and Cheerleaders during 4th quarter.

    Water only at events.

    No sunflower seeds during games.






    Section 1.              Every respect and consideration should be shown to these uniforms. 

    Section 2.              HG t-shirts, Fillie squad shirts, and HG UNIT bags are paid by the members. 

    Section 3.              HG long-sleeve shirts are issued to each member and will be dry-cleaned after each event. 

    Section 4.              Each member must have: boots, belt, wrangler jeans, hats, and under shirt for every game.  

    Section 5.              Letter Jackets:  All HG that maintain a full year member (from try-out to try-out), may be a candidate to letter in HG.  HG must attend and participate at all games and Fillies Follies in order to receive this honor, unless approved by the sponsor.  All HG eligible candidates must have paid all balances.  

    Section 6.              Each HG member is responsible to provide the team with 2 cases of water for the year.




    Section 1.              Bus transportation will be provided for away football games.  Activities that are volunteer, parents/guardians will need to arrange transportation. 

    Section 2.              All members are required to ride to and from all away games by bus unless extenuating circumstances arise which require approval by the sponsor.  In this case, a parental permission slip must be submitted to the sponsor at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled event.   

    Section 3.              If a member has requested an early release from an activity, departure may not occur until the participation of events have been concluded unless extenuating circumstances occur.  The sponsor must be contacted prior to departure. 

    Section 4.              Each member will conduct themselves appropriately and abide by all bus transportation regulations and school rules.

    A.       Make sure you know the departure schedule.

    B.       Director/Sponsor, and Chaperones will be in charge.

    C.      Be courteous and respectful to the driver.  No sarcasm in any way.

    D.      No yelling, screaming, loud talking-laughing-singing.

    E.       Standing on the bus is prohibited by state law, so stay seated.

    F.       Do not hang out of the window.  Put windows up when leaving the bus.

    G.      Your entire uniform (from head to toe) must be on 10 minutes before arrival.

    H.      No trash will be left on the bus, or we will do conditioning drills.

    I.         Everyone helps with loading and unloading the bus. 





    Section 1.              All financial obligations t-shirt clothing and bags must be concluded by given deadlines.  Notification of deadlines will be given in advance.   

    Section 2.              Turning in money:

    A.       All money shall be turned into the sponsor.

    B.       The HG names must be written in the Memo Line on each check turned in.

    C.      The HG organization will not assume the responsibility of unattended money. 

    Section 3.              Insufficient Funds:  If a check is returned insufficient, we will follow D.I.S.D. policy.  The team member will be responsible for paying the amount plus an additional fee to cover bank charges.  




    Section 1.              Certain standards are necessary for the integrity and reputation of any organization.  Each member should be a leader within the school and should set a good example at all times.  Members are expected to have and maintain a character leadership that represents Denton Independent School District before the public at all times. 

    Section 2.              HG must display appropriate behavior.  The sponsor will determine consequences after consulting with the administration.  DHS, administration, and directors are not responsible for non-school sponsored activities.

    Section 3.              Denton Independent School District rules will be strictly applied whenever the team is officially representing DISD, attending a school sponsored activity or while on a school-sponsored trip 

    Section 4.              If an incident occurs during school or while on a team trip, a member should expect disciplinary action from the school as well as from the HG organization.








    Section 1.              Probation is a period designated in which the member may not participate in organizational activities.  A probation contract will be written for the member and the member will be notified of their probationary regulations.  Should it become necessary for a member to be placed on probation for a second time, dismissal will occur. 

    Section 2.              Grounds for Probation:

    A.      Failure of one course in a nine weeks period

    B.      Lack of respect towards the sponsor, other team members, faculty, school personnel, or school property

    C.      Behavior that discredits or jeopardizes the integrity of the team

    D.      Failure to abide by the DHS HG Constitution

    E.       Failure to follow school rules and policies

    F.       Public display of affection

    G.      Receiving unsatisfactory conduct reports

    H.      Excessive absences or tardies

    I.         Improper language/profanity/obscenities 

    J.        Poor Sportsmanship

    K.       Improper conduct/attitude 

    Section 3.              Dismissal involves the loss of membership from the HG organization.  Once a member is dismissed, they lose all privileges of the HG organization.  All cases involving dismissal, the sponsor will confer with the administration. 

    Section 4.              Grounds for Dismissal:

    A.       Failing any two six weeks periods throughout the year.

    B.       Severe discipline problems in school or drill team activities

    1.       ISSC- as deemed severe from the directors or administration

    2.       Forgery

    3.       Truancy

    4.       Failure to comply with the DHS campus Academic Integrity Policy

    5.       Campus Management

    C.      Campus disciplinary action involving law enforcement agency within a school sponsored activity. 

    D.      Consumption of alcohol or use of narcotics concurrent with the district policy and Texas State Law within a school sponsored activity.

    E.       Failure to follow school rules and policies.  Failure to abide by the HG Constitution. 

    F.       Lack of respect towards the sponsor, other team members, faculty, school personnel, or school property

    G.      Any offense deemed severe by administration and the Sponsor 

    H.      Suspension/Expulsion from school 


    Section 5.              Resignation shall be defined as a choice made by an individual member that they no longer desire to participate in the HG organization.  Resignation procedures involve a conference with the sponsor and a letter of resignation from the resigning member, signed and dated. All financial obligations must be cleared at the time of resignation. 

    Section 6.              Once dismissed from the HG organization, reinstatement will not be allowed during the current year, however the former member may re-audition at the next given try-out with approval from sponsor and administration.




    Section 1.              The Captain and Co-Captain of the HG are selected by the sponsor, and approved by the administration on their overall performance and abilities, score, academics, recommendations, and questionnaire.  The Captain’s attitude and contributions to the organization and school spirit should be above and beyond those of other members.  The Captain is responsible for notifying other members of activities (dates and times) and taking attendance.





    Section 1.              The interpretation of this constitution is the sole right of the sponsor and administration. 

    Section 2.              The sponsor and administration have the right to add or change things which feels must be changed for the benefit of the organization or for the situation itself.

    Section 3.              This constitution is meant to be a basic operating instrument and is not intended to cover every operating policy. 

    Section 4.              The constitution is subject to change at any time due to Texas Education Agency rule changes or with approval from the administration.

    Section 5.              The sponsor may enforce other rules as they become necessary during the school year for the benefit of the organization.



    My HG and I have read the Denton High School HG Constitution.  We agree to abide by the rules and regulations stated and understand the consequences if the rules are not followed.  I, as a parent/guardian, will support the sponsor in their decisions, because I know it is in the best effort of my son related to the team.  If a situation arises, then I will contact the sponsor privately and confidentially – not publicly, where as to put my son in an awkward position.  I fully understand the absentee rules of practices and participation obligations.


    _______________________________     _______________

    Parent/Guardian Signature                                           Date


    I will do my best as an HG to always set a positive example for the Denton High School student body.  I plan to follow the rules set forth in the HG Constitution and understand the consequences if I fail to adhere to the rules and regulations.  I will commit myself to attending all practices, fund-raisers, performances, and will always strive to have a positive attitude.  I will respect my sponsor, captain, and fellow team members at all times.  I understand this elite position of Denton High School is an honor and will uphold my responsibilities as a member.


    ________________________________   _______________

    Student Signature                                                       Date


    I understand and consent to the responsibilities outlined in the District’s Student Code of Conduct/Discipline Management Plan.  I also understand and agree that my child, ______________________, shall be held accountable for the behavior and consequences outlined in the Student Code of Conduct/Discipline Management Plan at school, and at school-sponsored or school-related activities.  This shall include school-sponsored travel and any school-related misconduct.


                Students involved in extracurricular activities are held to a higher standard of conduct.  DISD views participation in extracurricular activities as a privilege, not a right.  I understand that any student who violates the Student Code of Conduct/Discipline Management Plan shall be subject to disciplinary action.  Students involved in a major disciplinary infractions will be removed temporarily or permanently from extracurricular activities.


    _________________________________________  ____________________________

    Parent/Guardian Signature                                        Date


    ___________________________________________      _______________________________

    Student Signature                                                       Date