• Withdraw Procedures


    We are sad to see you go and wish you nothing but the best!


    If your student has any outstanding balances, books, equipment, Chromebook (and charger), or uniforms, the Registrar’s Office will have to collect those items before completing the withdrawal packet.


    To complete the withdrawal process, please complete the Student Withdrawal Intent Form and upload a copy of your valid ID. You can also complete this process at the Front Office by asking for a Student Withdrawal Form.

    Once the above process is complete, we can provide you with a student withdrawal packet containing everything that your student will need to enroll at their new school. 

    Due to student confidentiality, we cannot send information via Email




    If you student is seeking a home school program, please know that Denton ISD requires the completion of an Exhibit J which states that your student will be starting on a specified date; this informs the registrar's office on how we should expect the request for records for your student and helps assure that your student is being provided educational services. A blank Exhibit J can be found HERE.

Last Modified on June 7, 2023