Ryan High School

    Returning DISD Student Enrollment



    Students who were enrolled at Ryan at the end of the 2018-2019 school year and are either zoned for RYAN HS or received an approved transfer to attend RYAN HS must complete registration steps to pick up their 2019-2020 schedule.  Please note:  IF YOU HAVE MOVED OUT OF RYAN ZONE YOU MUST BE ON A TRANSFER TO ATTEND.  IF YOU HAVE NOT BEEN PLACED ON A TRANSFER YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO ENROLL AT YOUR NEW HOME CAMPUS.  

    Students will not receive a schedule until the following steps have been completed:

    ·       Parents must complete online registration through “Infosnap” - From July 12 - Aug 3. All current Denton ISD families with a valid email address in the district’s student database will receive an email from the district/infosnap with instructions on how to access the online registration system. The emails will contain a link with a secure “snapcode” that will take you directly to your student’s information. You will then create an account – that you will use each year to complete this process –and submit a registration form for each student in your family. All necessary registration forms will be included in the infosnap process along with links to the applications for transportation and free/reduced lunch.  


    Parents without an email on file can come to the campus during “Schedule Pickup” and will be given a Snapcode to complete their student’s registration on school computers. Please keep in mind that this option could take several hours and may be avoided by providing a valid email address for your student.


    ·        Print the infosnap verification form and bring to “Schedule Pickup”    

           ·         Provide Parent/Guardians Valid Drivers License or State ID

    ·       Provide CURRENT (within 30 days) proof of residence (ie: Current gas, electric, water bill). Phone bills will NOT be accepted. Proof of residency must include name and address of guardian. If your family resides with another, you must have notarized documents from the family and a utility bill from their home. (Notarized documents must be completed each year.)   Please contact the Registrar’s Office at(940) 369-3011 if you have circumstances that prevent you from providing these documents.

    • Show proof of updated immunizations (if your student needed an immunization to be current)
    • Pay fines incurred from previous school (cash or money orders only)



    ***If the parent has completed the on-line update through Infosnap, they do not have to accompany their student to schedule pick up. They can send the required documents with their student or designee on their schedule pick up day.  ***



    Ryan High School Registration



    Needed for Schedule Pickup:

    ·        InfoSnap Verification

    ·        Current Proof of Residence

    ·        Parent/Guardian Valid Driver’s License or State Issued ID



     Below are dates and times for schedule pick up at Ryan High School:
                                Monday, July 29              Seniors Only                                                            10 am - 2 pm
                                Tuesday, July 30              Juniors (and Seniors)                                               10 am - 2 pm
                                Wednesday, July 31         Sophomores (Juniors and Seniors)                          10 am - 2 pm
                                Thursday, August 1         Freshman (Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors)         10 am - 2 pm
                                 Thursday, August1          Open to all Grade Levels                                          4 pm - 7 pm 


    Students can come to their designated schedule pickup time or later posted times but cannot pickup schedule early.





    Online registration must be completed in order for your student to be enrolled in Denton ISD
    If you, your student or designee are unable to make one of the above listed dates, your student must bring these items to the campus on the first day of school and report to the Library.  To avoid delays it is recommended that everything be done ahead of time.
Last Modified on March 8, 2019