• Registration Q & A




    Q: How do I register my student? 

    A: Student Registration Link New student: registration is designed for students who were not in a seat on the last day of school at a Denton ISD school for the 2023-2024 school year.  If this is your student, please use the new student registration tab.      Returning students: Snapcode links will be sent via email to the guardians email on file July 7th and are sent daily until completed.


    Q: What are the requirements to register my student? 

    A: To regisrtrar a student in any Denton ISD school you will need the following:

    • Legal Guardianship - Only a legal guardian can register a student. A legal guardian is defined as the mother or father listed on the Birth Certificate. Court ordered documents signed and sealed by a judge appointing legal guardianship are accepted.
    • Proof of residency (only one is needed)  (REQUIRED)
      • Provide current utility bill showing legal guardians name, current address, service address, and date. We cannot accept Internet, cable, or phone.
      • Provide rental agreement or lease showing guardian and students name.
      • Provide a copy of the purchase contract or monthly mortgage statement* showing legal guardians name and current address
    • Student birth certificate (REQUIRED)
    • Immunization records (REQUIRED)

    • Student social security card (If available)

    • Student withdrawal papers from the previous school/district (If available)

    • Report Card or Transcript (If available)


    Q: I have a new student and completed registration, what is next?

    A: Welcome! We are glad you're here. Once the registrar reviews your documents and receives records from your previous school, she will reach out to you to set up an appointment to meet with your child's counselor.

    Q. I completed registration but I keep getting an email?

    A: Please check that you completed both steps of Registration. Part one you provided/verify student demographics. You will then receive a second email with a link to upload student documentation. If you have completed both of these steps and are still receiving an email this usually means we are missing information that did not meet the registration requirements, and a staff member will be contacting you. 


    Q: Can’t I register in person?

    A: Unfortunately, all registration is done online. I promise it really is as easy as posting a picture.


    Q: What happens if I don't complete my student registration?

    A: Your student cannot start school unless all documents are completed. If your student arrives at school you will be called to complete registration or asked to pick them up.


    Q: I want to speak to my child's counselor.

    A: We are excited to start the new school year. Our counselors are hard at work advocating for our students to have a successful start. For this reason counselors are unable to meet with parents without an appointment. Please use the QR code to set an appointment with your students counselor. 


    Q: When will my child get their schedule? 

    A: Schedules are a fluent document and will not be made available until the night before classes. Please check your students HAC for updates.


    Q: Where can I find a list of school supplies?

    A: Other than the normal pens, pencils, and paper; teachers will discuss with students the first week of school what is needed for their class. 



Last Modified on June 3, 2024