• Transfers


    Transfer information can be found here. The student transfer portal opens 2 times a year, and may be closed to campuses based on attendance and teacher ratio.  Please note, student transfers are not guaranteed  and are based off of several factors ( attendance, campus ratio, discipline).


    Transfer Points to Remember: 



    • If your student is currently ON an approved Intra-District Transfer (lives INSIDE Denton ISD) or Inter-District Transfer (lives OUTSIDE of Denton ISD), and is not moving to another campus, you do not need to apply for a transfer.
    • If your student is moving from middle school to high school,  such as 5th to 6th grade and 8th to 9th grade, you MUST complete a new transfer request application or your student will attend their zoned middle school or high school.  

    A Request to Remain:

    • This must be completed if you have moved into a different Denton ISD attendance zone or out of Denton ISD District  DURING THE SCHOOL YEAR. Requests to remain are only valid for the current school year in which the change occurred.  These requests must be printed and turned into your campus registrar. IF your student is on an approved request to remain this school year, you are REQUIRED to apply for a transfer during the open transfer window to remain at the campus for the subsequent years. Please check the link below to provide you with the Open Window Time Frame.


    • If you move during the summer or fail to apply for a transfer during the open transfer window, the Request to Remain option is not available. The student MUST apply for a transfer during the open transfer window.  Again, use the link below to find all the request options and the dates the transfer window is open. 



Last Modified on June 7, 2023