Divorce and Custody Expectations



    Parents and Guardians,

    If you and your child’s other biological parent are divorced, separated, or estranged, it is important for you to understand some basic expectations of Denton ISD.

    If you have a court order establishing custody, protection, or anything else that would impact your child, please provide a complete, signed copy of that order to your child’s campus. It is critical for the school to have the most up to date orders on file.

    School is a safe place for your child. We will do everything in our power to ensure your child is not distracted, embarrassed, or scared by whatever difficulties may be happening in his/her home life. We need your help in making sure school remains a place for learning and not a place for custody disputes to play out.

    The school will not voluntarily take sides in your custody disputes. We will endeavor to treat all parents and guardians with dignity, respect, and fairness. We will also respect court orders to the best of our abilities, but please remember that the orders of the court are for you and the other parent, not the school. It is up to the parties identified in the order to comply with that order. If you have concerns about the order not being followed, we request that you take that up with the court, not the school.

    School staff will not speak to your attorney. If you believe it is necessary for your attorney to provide or gain information from school staff, please direct him/her to the Denton ISD Legal Department at (940)369-0000.

    Thank you for your cooperation in these matters. We know your child’s experience here can be an exceptional one if we all work together!


    Quick Reminders:

    1. If you have a court order, provide it to your child’s campus.

    2. School is a safe place for your child – not a battleground for custody disputes.

    3. The school will treat everyone fairly and will not take sides.

    4. Court orders between you and the other parent are your responsibility to follow – not the schools.

    5. Campus staff will not speak to your attorney

Last Modified on October 12, 2022