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    Our Staff:
    Joan Draving, O.T.                             jdraving@dentonisd.org 
    Emily Procter, M.O.T.,O.T                  eprocter@dentonisd.org
    Hope McCarroll, M.O.T., O.T.             hmccarroll@dentonisd.org
    Kelly Nymeyer, M.O.T., O.T.               knymeyer@dentonisd.org
    Brittany Ortiz, M.O.T., O.T.                 bortiz@dentonisd.org 
    Heather Roberts, D.O.T., O.T.               hroberts@dentonisd.org
    Department Phone: 940-369-4095 

    Occupational therapy—Means services provided by a qualified occupational therapist; and



     (A) Improving, developing, or restoring functions impaired or lost through illness, injury, or deprivation;

     (B) Improving ability to perform tasks for independent functioning if functions are impaired or lost; and

     (C) Preventing, through early intervention, initial or further impairment or loss of function.

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