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    Educational Programming
    The Educational Programs for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders are provided in a continuum of settings/service arrangements and include interventions that address:
    • Language
    • Social Interactions & Relationships 
    • Emotional / Behavioral Functioning
    • Cognitive Functioning
    • Academic Achievement
    • Sensory Needs

    The determination of an appropriate educational approach for a student with an Autism Spectrum Disorder must be based on the student's individual needs. Careful assessment by a team of professionals in consultation with parents or guardians will help determine an appropriate educational program for each student. The education program will be provided in the least restrictive environment that allows student progress and success.

    Students with ASD generally benefit most from a structured, highly rewarding, educational setting with appropriate supports and individualized accommodations and/or modifications. The educational program will utilize research based instructional practices, emphasize the use of visual methodologies with instruction, and will enhance learning by incorporating the specific interests of the student. Teachers are provided training in instructing students with ASD and in providing positive behavioral supports.

    As is determined by the student's IEP team, the program may include other services, such as social skills training, speech and language services, counseling, parent training, in-home training, adapted physical education, occupational therapy and/or teacher consultation to address communication, behavior, motor skill development or sensory needs.

    There are trained personnel providing services to students with ASD on each Denton ISD campus. Each campus website will provide information about its administrators, counselors, teachers, and special education personnel.
    Each campus has a Special Education Supervisor who will assist parents and answer specific questions regarding student programs or concerns. In addition, the following staff are available.
    ASD Support Program
    Telephone Contact
    E-Mail Contact
    Program Supervisor
    Rebecca Julius, Ph.D., LSSP, LP
    Autism Program Coordinator/BI
    Cynthia Hauser, M.Ed.
    Autism Support and Program Specialist/BI
    Panda Krouse
    Lead- Autism Evaluation TeamJennifer Austin, Ph.D, LSSP940-369-0536jaustin@dentonisd.org
    BCBA/ Behavior InterventionistChristina Della Nebbia, Ph.D, LSSP,BCBA940-369-0847cdellanebbia@dentonisd.org
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