• Denton Regional Day School Program for the Deaf
    Serving students with hearing impairments in
    Denton, Cooke, and Wise counties
    Sandra Hensley, Coordinator
    1205 W. University Drive
    Denton, Texas 75201
    (940) 369-4084
    (940) 369-4969 (fax)
    The Denton Regional Day School Program for the Deaf (RDSPD) was established by Denton ISD and TEA in 1974 to provide services to students, ages birth to 21, who are eligible for special education services based on an auditory impairment and educational need. These students reside in Denton, Cooke, or Wise County. We offer a variety of services to assist students with auditory impairment and their families. Services are provided through two main programs:
    • Parent Education Programs
      • Children under the age of three who qualify with an auditory impairment...
      • Contact Early Childhood Intervention of North Central Texas at 888-754-0524 or 817-446-8000   or
      • Early Childhood Intervention Texhoma at (903) 957-4810

    • School-based Programs
      • Preschool
          •  Educational programming is available in the Special Education Early Childhood Program for students with a hearing impairment who are 3-4 years of age and developmentally ready, by a certified teacher of the deaf. Attendance and level of service is determined by an IEP committee and is based upon educational assessment and need.
      • K-12 Programs and Services
          • A continuum of services is available for K-12 students with hearing impairment who need instruction by certified teachers of the deaf and/or interpreter services. Based upon assessment of educational need, the IEP committee may place a student in a self-contained deaf education classroom setting or a fully mainstreamed setting with a sign language interpreter or any combination of these instructional options. We also offer a full range of related and support services for the students as determined by the IEP committee.
    The Denton RDSPD stresses English acquisition for language development, listening skills, and oral speech development using a total communication approach. We look forward to helping students and their families. Please feel free to contact us for more information about the program.

    "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."
    Helen Keller