• Denton Independent School District
    Adapted Physical Education Services
    Supervisor: Bob Gorton, (940) 369-4096


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    Adapted Physical Education (APE) Specialists:

    Linda Hilgenbrinck, PhD, CAPE                       lhilgenbrinck@dentonisd.org

    Adapted Physical Education


    Heather Katz, M.S., CAPE                                 hkatz@dentonisd.org


    Susannah Turney, M.S., CAPE                          sturney@dentonisd.org 


    Krystal Paul                                                         kpaul@dentonisd.org 
    Mission Statement

    The APE Services personnel are committed to function as an integral part within the Special Education Services (SES) and learning community of the Denton Independent School District (DISD) designed to make lasting contributions to the lives of all students, especially those with disabilities, through programs that contribute positively to the optimal development of those students while promoting safe, active, healthy lifestyles to utilize and interact in their surrounding communities.

    • Increase the district’s APE Services visibility within the learning community.
    • Develop initiatives, teachers, and individual schools that recognize and showcase programs.
    • Advocate for strong pedagogical emphasis in all district APE Service programs.
    • Focus on quality instruction and a coordinated approach to program development.
    • Provide content specific presentations for district professional development, as well as, the broader communities at state, regional, national, and international conferences.
    • Encourage professional relationships within the learning community.
    Special Olympics Information
    The district appreciates the many staff that serve as volunteers for the Special Olympics events in the area. For more information regarding involvement in Special Olympics and surrounding communities please contact one of our staff.

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