Academic and Functional Skills (Elementary)
    Academic and Vocational Life Skills (Secondary)
    LS ALS

    Elementary and Secondary Curriculum is a service and support option on a continuum designed to meet the diverse needs of students with significant cognitive disabilities and adaptive disabilities which prevents them from accessing the general education curriculum.

    Students will:
    • Access and participate in the grade level TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) through activities that focus on prerequisite skills.
    • Demonstrate performance objectives that may include real-life applications of the TEKS as appropriate to the students' abilities and needs.
    • Demonstrate mastery of functional life skills by the implementation of their Individual Education Plan (IEP) through classroom, school and community-based student-centered activities.
    • At the secondary level focus on instruction and training in functional academic, communication, personal management, and social skills plus, community living, job sampling, and work training.