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    Denton ISD's Board of Trustees continuously advocate for strong educational pre-school programs where caring, certified teachers nurture children to become lifelong learners. The Board has provided the necessary resources to offer a variety of pre-school programs to the district's youngest students including the programs listed below.


    Pre-Kindergarten is a state-funded, half-day program that follows the State of Texas Pre-School curriculum that includes language development, math skills, physical education/motor skills, music, art, and other skills to help prepare them for success in school. This program serves children who are three- or four-years-old and whose birthday falls on or before September 1.

    Students may attend this program free of charge if they meet any of the following criteria:
    • Are limited English speaking
    • Qualify for free or reduced lunch
    • Are active military dependents
    • Have been with Department of Family and Protective Services
    • Are homeless

    English as a Second Language/Bilingual Pre-Kindergarten

    ESL/Bilingual Pre-Kindergarten is part of the state-funded, half-day Pre-Kindergarten program that works on their English language proficiency to prepare them for success in school.

    Students may attend this program free of charge if they meet this criteria:
    • Are limited English speaking
    • Are three or four years old with a birthday on or before Sept. 1

    Pre-School Academy

    The Pre-School Academy is designed to help children grown academically and physically. Children will discover that learning is fun at this academy, where they will follow the State of Texas Pre-School Curriculum that includes: math skills, language development, physical education/motor skill development, music, art, and other enrichment skills.

    The Academy program is currently offered at the Gonzalez School for Young Children and Cross Oaks Elementary. Current tuition rates are $750 per month (full day) and $400 per month (half day) with a $90 registration fee.
    • The Academy is for 3- and 4-year-olds, whose parents are willing to pay tuition.
    • The Academy is open to 3- and 4-year-olds whose birthday is on or before Sept. 1.
    • Parents have option to choose a half-day or full-day program.

    Pre-School Program for Children with Disabilities

    PPCD is a special education program that serves children - between the ages of three and five - who have delays in speech, language or physical, social and/or emotional development.
    • Students are eligible to enroll in this program at no cost to the family on their third birthday
    • PPCD Bilingual (Spanish) classrooms are provided when necessary; the amount and type of services provided to students are determined by an Individual Education Program (IEP) committee