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What is Esports

  • Esports, also known as electronic sports, is a form of video game competition. Games can involves teams or individuals competing against each other in tournaments for scholarships, cash prizes, bragging rights, and other prizes. From a casual hobby to an organized professional sport, today's professional gaming is now a billion-dollar industry leading players to career opportunities as professional players or working in one of the many behind-the-scenes jobs. Esports can be seen on streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube and is broadcast on major media networks like ESPN, TBS, SyFy, Telemundo, and more. Esports is even being discussed as a potential Olympic event, with demonstration events planned for the 2024 Paris Olympics.

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Esports at Denton ISD

  • For the first time, Esports will be available district-wide in Fall 2022. Currently, there are two teams piloting esports: Guyer High School and Harpool Middle School, each having a great first year. Esports in Denton is designed to be inclusive and create a place for students to belong and feel connected to their campus. Whether competing for scholarships and prizes or enjoying gaming with friends, Denton ISD wants everyone to feel they belong. If you are looking for more information about esports or want to start a team on your campus, please fill out the interest form below and a district esports representative will contact you.

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