District Policy for Unclaimed Property

  • Unclaimed Property Notice


    Denton ISD is required by state statute to remit to the State of Texas all unclaimed property valued at greater than $100. The report is filed annually on July 1 for balances as of the previous June 30. See the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts website to search for unclaimed property remitted to the state.

    Items valued at $100 or less are retained by Denton ISD and available for reclaim under the procedures outlined below.

    The type of property determines the length of the abandonment period. The most common types of property issued by the district that may be considered abandoned are payroll checks (1 year) and accounts payable checks (3 years).

    Specific procedures must be followed to ensure the funds are delivered to the appropriate owner. Use the links below to search the list of unclaimed property held by Denton ISD and follow the procedures outlined below to claim the property.


    Procedures to Claim Property

    Send an email to unclaimedprop@dentonisd.org stating name of claimant, address, phone number, and e-mail address. Please allow four weeks to process claim.