• Workers’ Compensation Frequently AskedQuestions

    1. What should I do if I’m injured on the job?

    A. You must immediately notify your supervisor or the campus nurse and report the injury. The injury must be reported even if you are not seeking medical treatment at this time. You should be given a WC packet of information and forms.

     You must then fill out:

    Ø  The First Report of Injury (your Supervisor will fill out this form with information from you)

    Ø  Elect Leave Benefits with Worker’s Compensation (no offset) form

    Ø  Employee Acknowledgement of the Alliance Direct Contracting Program form


    All reports must be submitted immediately to the Risk Management Department for processing of the claim.   


    2. When am I required to report an injury?

    A: Any injury, whether you intend to seek medical attention or not, should be reported to your supervisor by the conclusion of the workday. The affected school or department must then report all on-the-job injuries to the Risk Management Department. Medical providers verify injuries with theRisk Management Department prior to providing treatment, thus proper and timely reporting is essential.


    3. What do I do after I seek medical treatment?

    A: Your doctor should give you a DWC Form-73 (Work Status Report) that states if you can return to work, the date, and any restrictions.  You cannot return to work until that form has been given to the Risk Management Department.  Once they have it, they will issue an official Return to Work notice for you and your supervisor.  If you have been put under any restrictions on the form by your physician, the Risk Management Department must first contact your supervisor to see if these restrictions can be accommodated.  Once that is determined, you will be notified via district email on whether you can return to work or not.  You cannot be at your work location until this Return to Work Notice has been received by your supervisor.

    4. Can I use my regular health insurance to cover a work related injury?

    A: No.  If you are injured on the job, you must use one of the Local Alliance Providers.  A list of the participating providers is in the WC packet.

    5. What if my doctor states I can go back to work, but I don’t think I can?

    A: Once released by your doctor you must return to work, if not, you may lose your Temporary Income Benefits and be subject to termination.

    6. What do I need to do if I’m off work for multiple days due to my work related injury?

    A: If you are out 5 or more consecutive days, you must be placed on an approved leave, either FML or TDL. You will need to contact the Risk Management Department to determine what type of leave you are eligible for.  You have to be on either of the 2 approved leaves in order to have job protection while you are off work.