Translating Documents for Denton ISD Use

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    With the population of Hispanic students in Denton Independent School District increasing exponentially year after year, the need to communicate with their parents becomes more and more self-evident. We all know how valuable the involvement of parents and community leaders can be in our schools. When our students see their parents interested in coming to school, helping with PTA activities, asking how they are doing academically, it helps them to see the importance of their education. Communication is an important key to parental involvement. By using this service, you will be giving the Spanish-speaking community the same standards of quality in your written communications as you already provide their English-speaking counterparts. This reflects well on the educational institution we represent.

    The Translation Services

    Written documents should be translated for any home in which no parent or guardian reads English. Whenever possible the English copy should be on one side of the paper and the translation on the other side. Translate important classroom and school documents that need a parent response or that a parent has a right to know. For example:

    • Forms that need parents signatures 
    • Manuals & brochures 
    • Newsletters (collaborate with other grade level teachers when approved by your principal)
    • Report card narratives
    • Instruction for special homework projects that need parent monitoring or input (no curriculum)
    • Classroom needs-requests to volunteer, lists of needs for celebrations, etc.
    • Posters
    • Health information
    • Discipline letters
    • Student/parent surveys
    • Course selection Forms

    Anything that can be printed on paper or posted on a web page can go to the translation services. We will work in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Adobe, and will do our best to return the translations to you in the same format as the original document. Please send the original English (and Spanish, if available) document in the finished format it will be printed in, and the translation will be incorporated directly into your formatting. Check out the Spanish documents on the En español site. What you need might just be there already! If revisions or updates must be made to the document, send the electronic file to Elizabeth, highlight any changes, if possible.

    The Request Process

    Send the following documents in either a single email or two emails to, with your principal or supervisor CC'd on the message:
    1. Your final document in English (and Spanish, if available)
    2. The completed Translation Request Form (please use Internet Explorer)
    Please allow five business days for a regular two-page translation. For more than two pages, allow six to 10 days. For newsletters, allow 10-15 days. If you have an emergency, send your request by email, and call Elizabeth at 940-369-0157 to let her know, and she will do her best to accommodate you.

    Contact Information

    Elizabeth Diaz De Leon