• While it is not required that you use these particular signs, you MUST have your centers appropriately labeled (Bilingual classes must label in both English and Spanish).  These signs were created based on center recommendations from the TX PreK Guidelines.  TPKG recommends the following be in each classroom:

    1. Pretend and Learn Center

    2. Writer's Corner

    3. Library and Listening Center

    4. Construction Center

    5. Math and Science Center

    6. Creativity Station

    7. ABC Center

    Some classrooms may have the space to divide centers up (ex. separate Math and Science centers).  For this reason, signage was created to accomodate them together OR separate.  Additional signs, such as Playdough and Technology, were created for your convenience based on centers observed in multiple Denton ISD PreK classrooms.  It is your preference to use signs with or without justification; both are available to print.

  • English

  • Dual Language