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Forty-nine Denton ISD Students Place in Top 10 at Texas Association of Future Educators State Contest

Forty-nine Denton ISD students from five different campuses placed in the top 10 at the Texas Association of Future Educators (TAFE) state contest and competition – a statewide event consisting of middle school and high school students. 

Of those 49 students, 18 qualified for the national competition. The top 10 from each category can advance to nationals. 

Students who entered in competitions are eligible to advance to nationals. For students who entered in contests, state is the highest level. The difference between a competition and contest is students who enter in competitions are judged against their peers. 

Students enter into contests and competitions by working on projects related to their events. These projects are then scored by a panel of judges. Categories range from goal setting to professional development and job interview. 

“I am extremely proud of our Teach Denton TAFE students who have competed and placed at the state level and who are advancing on to nationals this summer,” said Leah Zavala, Denton ISD’s Teach Denton District Coordinator. “This year was Denton ISD’s first time to have middle school students compete. We are one of three districts in Texas to have middle schools compete in TAFE. I am proud of all the students’ hard work and dedication and the teachers that lead them at each campus.”\

TAFE is a co-curricular statewide non-profit (501-c3) student organization created to allow young men and women an opportunity to explore the teaching profession. The organization was created in 1984 to provide the best and brightest high school and middle school students in Texas with the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions about pursuing careers in education.

TAFE is sponsored by the Texas Association of Secondary School Principals and is governed by a board of directors composed of teachers, students and principals.

Denton ISD’s TAFE state winners include:

Crownover Middle School

National Qualifiers:

  • Mia Allgood and Ella Brown – Children’s Literature Pre-K
  • D’asia Fuqua-Smith – Children’s Literature Pre-K
  • Jerry Yang and Sophia Gallamore – Interactive Bulletin Board Middle/High

Gold Certificates:

  • Morgan Singleton and Drake Shesler – Chapter Yearbook
  • Morgan Singleton – Goal Setting
  • Drake Shesler – Goal Setting
  • Jerry Yang and Sophia Gallamore – Project Visualize
  • Mia Allgood and Ella Brown – Project Visualize 

Silver Certificates:

  • Elizabeth Gormley and Valeria Zaragoza-Gonzalez – Interactive Bulletin Board Elementary

The TAFE teachers at Crownover Middle School are Diana Edwards and Allison Todd. The Principal is Lacey Hailey. 

Myers Middle School

National Qualifiers:

  • Shahid Bouyadjera – Children’s Literature Pre-K
  • London Laurent – Exploring Non-Core Teaching Careers
  • Giselle Calderon and Yaretzi Borja – Interactive Bulletin Board Elementary
  • Julliana Rivera and Isabella Warren – Interactive Bulletin Board Middle/High
  • Shelby Hartman and Aniyah Flores – Teacher Created Materials Elementary 

Gold Certificates:

  • Aaliyah Crawford and Arely Campos – Interactive Bulletin Board Elementary
  • Melody Fernandez and Aubrey Stevens – Teacher Created Materials Elementary
  • Jade Dickson and Kai Williams – Teacher Created Materials Middle/High

Silver Certificates:

  • Alexys Downs and Tiona Rohrer– Project Visualize
  • Emily Landeros and Renata Fernandez – Teacher Created Materials Middle/High

The TAFE teacher at Myers Middle School is Sara Stallcup. The Principal is Trey Peden. 

Braswell High School

National Qualifiers:

  • Payton Glutsch and Abbigail Swierczynski – Children’s Literature K-3

The TAFE teacher at Braswell High School is Paxton Lisenbe-Schantz. The Principal is DeCorian Hailey. 

Guyer High School

National Qualifier:

  • Matthew Spivey – Creative Lecture

Gold Certificates:

  • Aubrie Benton, Abigail Cannedy and Alivia Christensen – Breakout Session

Silver Certificates:

  • Christian Cruz-Sotelo – ELF Test
  • Aubrie Benton and Alivia Christensen – Project Visualize 

The TAFE teacher at Guyer High School is Ashley Hamilton. The Principal is Dr. Shaun Perry.

The LaGrone Academy

National Qualifiers:

  • Rylee Risdon and Madison Mallouf – Project Visualize 

Gold Certificates:

  • Sam Gist, Ava Smethers and Evdokia Papanikolaou – Chapter Yearbook
  • Ava Smethers and Evdokia Papanikolaou – Interactive Bulletin Board Elementary
  • Brilynn Hatten and Torrin Best – Interactive Bulletin Board Elementary
  • Emery Allen, Paige Hammons, Rylee Risdon and Viana Columna – Portfolio
  • MaKenna Justin and Kendall Justin – Project Visualize
  • Emery Allen – Teacher Created Materials Elementary
  • Viana Columna – ELF Test 

The TAFE teachers at the LaGrone Academy are Sarah Renteria and Staci Eby. The Principal is Marcus Bourland.