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Denton ISD Has Saved Over 64 Million Sheets of Paper and Nearly $2 Million with Peachjar

In recognition of Earth Day, Denton ISD – in collaboration with Peachjar – has met several significant milestones in helping the environment. 

Over the past six years, Denton ISD has saved over 64 million sheets of paper (and counting), and nearly $2 million in printing costs distributing flyers and information digitally with Peachjar. The average printing cost is $0.03 per piece of paper. 

Various groups from across the district – including PTAs, campuses, teachers and departments utilize Peachjar to disseminate information that would otherwise be done in printed form. 

Denton ISD does not profit on distributing materials via Peachjar. 

Peachjar is a platform that unites schools, parents and the community by easily and effectively reaching parents and guardians through digital means. By sending information digitally, Denton ISD has also contributed in saving 7,698 trees. 

In addition to Peachjar, Denton ISD continues to be environmentally conscious and eco-friendly through a variety of means. Several campuses in the district sport energy efficient features, including geothermal wells that help with heating and cooling. Solar panels are also utilized on multiple rooftops that generate cost savings for the community.