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Denton High School Student Receives Perfect Score on ACT

Denton High senior Phoebe Richter received a perfect score on her ACT test, a college entrance exam used throughout the United States. 

The ACT exam covers a wide range of topics and is divided into four multiple-choice sections: English, mathematics, reading and science. There is also an optional written portion, which does not affect overall composite score.

Each multiple-choice section is timed, and students have just under three hours to complete the exam. 

“This is something that will impact me for the rest of my life,” Phoebe said. “I want to go to class because I know I am going to learn something and have fun. The teachers and students at this school are all welcoming, and it makes me happy to be here.” 

Less than 0.33 percent of all test takers receive a perfect score on the ACT, which is graded on a 36-point scale. Last year, more than 1.6 million students nationwide took the ACT exam, meaning Phoebe was one of less than 5,600 students to receive a perfect score. 

The average score in 2022 was 19.8. 

In addition to her accomplishments in the classroom, Phoebe is also involved in various activities at Denton High. She started Denton High’s non-UIL math club and also plays cello in the orchestra. 

“Her resume is the most impressive high school resume I have ever seen,” said Dr. Darby Dyer, Denton High dual-credit literature educator. “She is very down to earth and very humble about her accomplishments and accolades.”