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Denton ISD Honors 2023-2024 District Retirees

Denton ISD honored 84 team members that have worked in education for a total of 1,988 years at a special reception on Wednesday, May 15, where district leaders shared highlights of attendees’ careers and accomplishments.

Combined, each of the retirees averaged 17.4 years with the district and 23.7 years in education.

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Staff members who retired in the 2023-2024 school year include:

Mary Mata, Ginnings Elementary
Beatrice Clay, Pecan Creek Elementary
Alice Abney, Ryan High School
Mary Dorrough, Custodians
Teresa Taylor, Bilingual Education
Tandie Spurrier, Ginnings Elementary
Wendell Williams, Denton High School
Roy Verges, Communications
Karen Crockett, Denton High School
Raul Sanchez, Rivera Elementary
Sheryl Bowers, Risk Management
Joe Faddis, Guyer High School
Cynthia Ferris, Ginnings Elementary
David Jensen, Guyer High School
William Thomas, Ryan High School
Melody Hamilton, Technology
Cynthia Chamberlain, Alexander Elementary
Brett Armstrong, Ryan High School
Anna Modrow, McMath Middle School
Dayna McMillian, Hodge Elementary
Dr. Buddy Dunworth, McMath Middle School
Sheila Temple, LaGrone Academy
Andrew Boyer, Ginnings Elementary
Stacy Hays, Ryan High School
Mariellen Gregory, Guyer High School
Traci Burt, Ryan High School
Dr. Fred Younkman, Fred Moore High School
James Parker, Guyer High School
Natalie Mead, Paloma Creek Elementary
Elizabeth Boodt, Newton Rayzor Elementary
Luis Restrepo, Evers Park Elementary
Rebecca Voight, Evers Park Elementary
Mary Sullivan, Ryan High School
Jill Ivester, McNair Elementary
Lewis Hill, Newton Rayzor Elementary
Emma Phillips, Evers Park Elementary
Virginia Keeling, Ryan High School
Donna Kearley, Digital Learning
Robyn Rutledge, W.S. Ryan Elementary
Tammie Seay, Evers Park Elementary
Sandra Schon, Myers Middle School
Darla Arnold, Hawk Elementary
Ronnie Yeatts, Crownover Middle School
Jennifer Carter, Ryan High School
Danna Biggs, Cross Oaks Elementary
Kayla Mills, Nelson Elementary
Michael Maxey, Denton High School
Diana Enzensperger, Alexander Elementary
Denise Newbrand, McMath Middle School
Stuart Bates, Newton Rayzor Elementary
Virginia Ginn, McMath Middle School
Christopher Vochoska, Braswell High School
Tracy Wilson, Denton High School
Janet Luster, Denton High School
Benjamin Gray, McMath Middle School
Dr. Robert Stewart, Human Resources
Marta Howard, Providence Elementary
Julie Phillips, Fred Moore High School
Cary Rice, Transportation
Gladys St. John, Special Education
Dr. Mike Mattingly, Curriculum
Marlene Trissell, Providence Elementary
Darby Ahlfinger, Special Education
Jannet Vasquez, Hodge Elementary
Ora Collins, Savannah Elementary
Debbie Gonzalez-Roybal, Special Education
Beverly Martin, Child Nutrition
Helena Peacock, Ann Windle SYC
Tonya Styron, Harpool Middle School
Liliana Hayenga, Alexander Elementary
Cheryl Patterson, McNair Elementary
Panda Krouse, Special Education
Jerry Oslin, McMath Middle School
Jacqueline Kirby, Myers Middle School
Rosalynd Cravin, Braswell High School
Martha Brewer, Alexander Elementary
Christi Knox, Hawk Elementary
Richard Wright, McNair Elementary
Cassandra Kay, Purchasing
Catherine Henderson, Hodge Elementary
Stephanie Parker, Cheek Middle School
Katalin Ingram, Stephens Elementary
Dawn Cristwell, Gonzalez SYC
Hector Flores-Ortiz, Transportation