Board Meeting: September 14, 2021

Workshop Items

Bilingual/Dual Language ESL Annual Report

Teresa Luna Taylor, Director of Bilingual/ESL presented the annual update on the Bilingual/Dual Language & ESL Programs. The Bilingual/ESL program data is from the 2020-2021 school year which addresses program participation of emergent bilingual students, academic performance, staffing of bilingual and ESL certified teachers, and professional development and other support services funded through bilingual allotment/local budget and Title III funds.

Continued growth across the district has resulted in increasing numbers of emergent bilingual students being served through Bilingual/Dual Language & ESL programs. This growing population continues to reflect the diversity of 54 languages spoken by the students and their families. This year’s report highlights opportunities for continued strengthening of the Bilingual Dual Language/ESL Programs to meet the demands of serving emergent bilingual students within the various instructional settings available across the district, ensuring that teachers and students have equitable access to instructional resources that meet the needs of the learner, and that district stakeholder are supported through professional development with the identification, instruction, and reclassification of emergent bilingual students. 

This report also highlights ongoing parent engagement and partnership efforts that will be expanded through the 2021-2022 school year, as well as an overview of student data driving the selection of resources and professional development efforts and areas where emergent bilingual students continue to demonstrate that closing of achievement gaps and opportunities for college and career readiness.

“This is a three-legged stool symbolizing parents, teachers, and support staff. Without all three of our groups working together, we cannot close those achievement gaps in the manner we need to do so,” said Doug Chadwick, school board president.

Legislative Update from the 87th Legislative Special Sessions

Deron Robinson, General Counsel, provided updates and resources to the Board of Trustees regarding the 87th Legislative Special Sessions and specifically education bills. Mr. Robinson reviewed the new SB15 Virtual Learning the governor signed on September 9, 2021, and went into effect immediately. SB15 allows school districts to set up virtual learning while keeping state funding enables districts to exercise local control over programming, and will expire September 1, 2023.


Report Items

2021-2022 Enrollment Update

Angela Ricks, Director of Student Services provided the Board of Trustees with a summary of Denton ISD’s current enrollment count for the 2021–2022 school year and compare this data to previous years. Denton ISD’s 2021-22 10-day count was 31,351. When compared to the 2020-2021 10-day count which was 30,617, Denton ISD has enrolled 734 more students this school year. The 10-day enrollment for elementary students was 14,709 (979 more students than last school year) and the 10-day enrollment for secondary students was 16,642 (203 more students than last school year). In addition, the 10-day enrollment for the K-8 Virtual Academy was 326 students.

As of September 7, 2021, Denton ISD has 31,618 students enrolled. When compared to the 10-day count, Denton ISD has enrolled 267 more students. In addition, the K-8 Virtual Academy has 345 students enrolled.


Athletics Annual Report

Joey Florence, District Athletic Director provided the Board with an overview of Denton ISD’s athletic programs. Denton ISD completed all Fall and Spring sports.

Total Number of Sports Offered in Denton ISD: 

  • 18 High School – 8 Middle School Student Participation: 6,520 total grades 7-12
  • Total Number of Male Student-Athletes: 3,997 grades 7-12
  • Total Number of Female Student-Athletes: 2,523 grades 7-12
  • Total Number of Teachers/Coaches in Denton ISD: 278


Fine Arts Annual Report

Dr. Jackie deMontmollin, Director of Fine Arts along with Eddy Russell, Assistant Director of Fine Arts provide the Board with an overview of Fine Arts enrollment over the past three school years. Student enrollment in Fine Arts programs K-12 has increased with an overall participation of 92.26%. Based on data collected from the 96% of Fine Arts Faculty who responded to the Gaps and Gains Survey the following 4 recommendations are made by the committee as needs for planning for the coming academic year:

  1. Fine Arts digital resources are needed moving forward
  2. Fine Arts clinicians would support filling identified gaps in ensemble and artwork
  3. Fine Arts private lessons will assist in filling identified learning gaps
  4. Fine Arts instruments and equipment are needed to prevent sharing


The data collected from Fine Arts Faculty supports this reasoning for the recommendations:

  • Digital resources improved individual assessment capability. Resources provided during the pandemic such as SmartMusic, Music Play online, and Digital Theatre Plus allowed for flipping of classrooms.
  • Zoom learning interfered with ensemble work including listening across the ensemble, teamwork, hands-on work, and movement. Clinicians (including musicians, theatre movement specialists, and visual arts teaching artists) to provide sectional and large group support will allow for remediating these gaps.
  • Students have had no face-to-face instruction with private lesson teachers which creates gaps for hearing, finger placement, tone production, vowel shaping, etc. Private lesson instruction will allow for remediation and filling individual gaps in music areas.
  • Sharing of instruments and handheld supplies is common in instrumental music classes, art classes, and theatre shops. Sharing instruments and equipment poses sanitization challenges. As students return to school one-to-one equipment is needed.


COVID-19 Legal Update

Deron Robinson, General Counsel provided the Board of Trustees with an update of the most recent current events impacting public education as it relates to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Mr. Robinson provided information as to Governor Abbotts’ Executive Order No. GA-38: Relating to the continued response to the COVID-19 disaster.


COVID-19 Report

Susannah O’Bara, Asst. Superintendent for Academic Programs provided the Board with the most current information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic from the Denton County Health Department and how it pertains to the public health of the county.


Other Items of Note

  • Approved of TASB Update 117 Local Policies (Local), Ch (Local) & DEC (Local) and Revisions to CNB (Local) & Deletion of Policy FEE (Local)
  • Approved member of the Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC)
  • Approved 24 elementary class size waivers
  • Approved the contract with Region XI ESC for $225,509