Board Notes: February 22, 2022

DRAFT BOARD NOTES – Feb. 22, 2022

Workshop Items

Budget Discussion 2022-2023
Jennifer Stewart, executive director of budget, reviewed the fiscal year 2022 outlook.  Prepaid early payoff for debt and saved $7.3M in interest cost and saved $8.4 in taxable refunding of bonds.  We will no longer have bond swap agreements with 2005 and 2006 swap agreements as of 2/28/2022, generating as savings of $1.1 M.  Cumulative Bond Management Savings in 2021-22 is $16,861,876.  Since 2005, aggressive bond management has saved taxpayers $291,746,975.  
Discussion of Employee Engagement & Well Being Survey
Emily McLarty, director of staff engagement, presented the Board of Trustees, for their review and discussion, an update on the Gallup employment engagement and well-being survey.  District overall scores are slightly higher than the average range, with a 3.94/5.00 mean overall. Engaged employees who feel supported and are developed appropriately make a positive impact on student learning, feel and convey pride in our organization, and positively impact our community. Engagement means: Treating people with genuine respect and dignity, helping people tap into their strengths, and partnering so that people don't have to go through tough things alone. Emily provided Gallup’s 12 Elements of Engagement which are the factors most powerful in explaining employees’ productive motivations on the job.

Discussion of Mid-Year Student Assessment Update
Dr. Mike Mattingly, Associate Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction shared student formative performance data from beginning of year (BOY 2021) and middle of the year (MOY 2022) in reading and mathematics. A Data Dashboard has been created and will be a tool, still in development, that will allow teachers and district staff to track, analyze, and display data.

Report Items

Bond Progress Committee
Michele Martin, citizen representative of the Bond Progress Committee, presented a report that was prepared by the citizens committee.  During that meeting, Zonda Education presented demographics, updates were given on Sandbrock Ranch Elementary, Carrico Athletic Complex and the new Fine Arts wing at Ryan High.  The new Construction website was also revealed so that the public can view photos, videos and updates on construction projects.  .  The new Citizens’ Advisory Committee will be formed this spring/summer to meet to review the District’s needs, including five or more schools necessary in the next bond election.  

Growth Report –  Fourth Quarter
Rocky Gardiner of Zonda Education presented detailed information regarding home sales and development within the district. This quarter’s report revealed that home sales are up 12 percent over the same period in 2021.  The highest growth is currently in the Braswell Zone with 36 future subdivisions and 61 actively building subdivisions.  More than 1,200 homes were started in the Sandbrock Ranch Elementary zone in the last 12 months.  By the 2028-29 school year, enrollment will exceed 40,000 students.

Construction Report
Garry Ryan, Executive Manager of Construction, Planning & Growth provided an overview of the current construction projects that included Sandbrock Elementary, Ryan High School renovations and Braswell High School additions and Carrico Athletic Complex.

Sandbrock Ranch Elementary construction is underway.  The goal is to move in around the first of June (see Flickr photo album here).  The tornado shelter is nearing completion as is the stage area.  Roofing completion, solar panels and window installation are next.  

Ryan High School fine arts and athletic renovations are nearly complete and will be within 30 days.  

The foundations and scoreboards are being installed in the Carrico Athletic Complex.  The masonwork in Braswell High is ongoing.  

COVID-19 Update
Susannah O’Bara, assistant superintendent of academic programs, updated the board with the latest COVID-19 numbers both district-wide and county-wide.  Only one student and one staff case was reported today and ADA is back up to 94%.  The previous weeks’ ADA and COVID case count are each trending positively.  

New Business

Consider Approval of Board Committee to Review Board Operating Procedures
Trustees approved the board committee’s plan to review board operating procedures.
Board Recognitions
Texas Music Educators All-State Awards
Community Spotlight - Denton - Lake Cities Rotary Club
School Board Appreciation